Noah TV Spot

A new TV spot for Noah, the upcoming fantasy thriller movie directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Actor Russell Crowe as the delusional-but-lucky Biblical patriarch Noah:

Noah Trailer

At a time when wickedness was great in the world, so too was the response.
“Subject to divine visions foretelling the end of the world, Noah (Russell Crowe) attempts to tell his people to cease their wickedness and turn from their evil ways and to turn to God before it is too late. No one listens to his warnings, and Noah and his family build an ark to be saved from the Flood that God is bringing on the earth.”

There’s a problem with God, he cares about “His Chosen One” but what about the rest of the flock? Are they so dumb that he can’t tell them about the imminent disaster? I guess He wants to enjoy the upcoming genocide of His making! That God from the bible can be such a bastard sometimes!

But what do you think? Was the biblical flood an act of genocide?

Release date: March 28, 2014.

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