Notorious Movie Clip

Notorious B.I.G. Movie

A preview clip of Notorious, upcoming biographic movie based on the life of Notorious aka the B.I.G. and directed by George Tillman Jr, has been released:

Notorious Movie

B.I.G. (Jamal Woolard) is flirting with Faith Evans (Antonique Smith).

Notorious B.I.G.Thanks to music Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious B.I.G., went from rags to riches. But his ascension was not without drawing envy. And he caught back by the dangerous world he went from: in 1997, a still-unsolved drive-by shooting took the 24-year-old’s life outside a Los Angeles party celebrating the Soul Train Music Awards given by Vibe magazine and Qwest Records…

The movie Notorious tries to see who the rapper really was, wants to go beyond the controversy.

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