Notorious Movie Trailer

The Big Notorious

The first full-length trailer of Notorious, upcoming movie directed by George Tillman Jr., has been released:

The movie Notorious is about the life of rapper Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G.

Not sure the life of this guy was as as exciting as the movie would let us think… But well, that’s Hollywood!

2 Responses - “Notorious Movie Trailer”

  1. Brandon

    The film appears to have been done very well.To say that BIG was the greatist rapper of all time is extremely untrue statement.He was good but he was never a 1/4 of the man TUPAC SHAKUR was.Don’t get it twisted Tupac had dozens of other things going for him besides rap.Hands down 100% SHAKUR was the Leader.But all in all the film looks good.RIP TUPAC & BIG

  2. Robert

    Film looks beastin but WaYne Da Best biggie and tupac were great but lil wayne da beast