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Oblivion MovieDisney has picked up the movie rights to Oblivion, a science-fiction feature film imagined by Joseph Kosinski. Radical Publishing will release a comic book based on the story of Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion in November.

Oblivion Trailer

“Earth, 2015. The Odyssey travels to Mars to assemble and occupy the Red Planet’s first base station. En route, the sudden appearance of a vast White Cube in space interrupts the ship’s voyage – and the crew of the Odyssey is never heard from again. 30 years later, Earth has become an almost unrecognizable, surreal wilderness with the remains of human cities poking through vast black sand dunes and bizarre geological formations. The White Cube, from a long-dead extraterrestrial race, was to find potentially inhabitable worlds and reshape them into suitable environments for the aliens, who now will never come. It now sits high in the planet’s orbit, dominating the sky, attempting to undo the damage it has caused as well as repopulate the Earth with clones of the comatose Odyssey crew. The only clones on the surface remain those stationed in the looming Watchtowers, scattered around the planet. One such Watchtower crewmember, a clone named Jak, witnesses a burning object fall to Earth. It’s an escape pod carrying Julia Kanan, the one lone survivor of the Odyssey before its capture by the Cube, and a love from Jak’s pre-clone past. But as the authorities close in to retake Julia, Jak’s genetic memory of his love for her drives him to decisions he never would have thought possible-and which could lead to disaster for both of them.”

Here’s a first look at Oblivion the upcoming illustrated novel:

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

The illustrated novel Oblivion will be available on Amazon starting November 16, 2010.

There is no official release date yet for the film.

3 Responses - “Oblivion Movie”

  1. Dovahkiin

    Has it been confirmed if Patrick Stewart is still playing Uriel Septim in this, or Sean Bean playing Martin for that matter?

    • pcat warhol

      actually,i dont think it based on the elder scrolls game if you read the movie description :[

  2. owen cutting

    Very interesting plot,hopfully by the time NASA is able to land on the red planet clones wouldn’t replace earth’s inhabitants homosappiens.