Obsessed Beyonce and Ali Larter Pics

Take a look to those pictures of Beyonce and Ali Larter in the movie Obsessed:

Obsessed Movie Pictures

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Ali Larter is obsessed! Beyonce Knowles

Choosing between Beyonce and Ali Larter is really difficult!

The lucky man on the pictures is Idris Elba. Yeap he’s got the lead role, but who cares? Actually most people will go watch Obsessed for the two girls, not for the boy.

I’d like to see a movie poster of Obsessed featuring Ali Larter vs. Beyonce!

5 Responses - “Obsessed Beyonce and Ali Larter Pics”

  1. tjc1969

    This is so Fatal Attraction. This has been done before!

  2. Kaitlyn_Rosie

    I think this movie will be amazing! First of all because Beyonce is in it and she is like the best but also because she never actually did a thriller movie before… It will be interesting to see how it is. I can’t wait! :P… Fatal Attraction… LOL… Yeah but this will be better! xoxo

  3. becky

    umm how about there’s already a lifetime movie called obsessed that has an identical plot… maybe it’s a remake… but I don’t think that it can be better than the lifetime movie because it was fantastic!! so i don’t know if this one will be better, i just think that people will see it because beyonce is in it…

  4. lindsay

    This movie is going to be so awesome… I can’t wait to see Obsessed. I think it’s going to be some of beyonce’s best work.

  5. Tracy Chuma Mumbua

    That was more than a movie it was superb and the very best of the year Bee keep it up… i loved it