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OccupationA first official teaser poster for Occupation, the upcoming Australian alien invasion action science-fiction movie written and directed by Luke Sparke (who helmed Red Billabong) and starring Temuera Morrison, Dan Ewing, Rhiannon Fish, and Charles Mesure:

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The rebellion has begun.

Plot synopsis:
“A small group of town residents have to band together after a devastating intergalactic alien ground invasion. As they struggle to survive, they realize they must stay one step ahead of their attackers, and work together for a chance to strike back.”

Would mankind really stand a chance against alien invaders who can cross the void between the stars? I doubt it, but the very idea of human resistance sure make for great entertainment, lol!

Anyway, a photo of the cast:

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Occupation Movie Cast - Charles Mesure, Temuera Morrison, Felix Williamson, Stephany Jacobsen, Rhiannon Fish, Zachary Garred, Dan Ewing, Izzy Stevens, Charles Terrier, and Trystan Go

and here’s a picture from the film:

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Occupation Movie Picture

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Occupation.

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    Sure hope this gets released soon will make it a must see on my calendar.