Optimus Prime Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

The latest issue of Empire Magazine, the February 2009 issue, is featuring an article about Transformer 2, aka Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, and Optimus Prime is making Empire’s cover:

Transformers 2 Optimus Prime

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Transformers 2 on the cover of Empire Magazine

February 2009 issue

Transformers 2 the World’s First Look

USA Today gives us a better glimpse of Optimus Prime:

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Optimus Prime - Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Below a Transformers 2 clip showing Optimus Prime in its alternate mode as a truck:

This clip was taken on Shoreline Ave, in Long Beach, Ca.
it doesn’t seem that there was any serious filming going on here, but Michael Bay’s Porsche Cayenne W camera rig was following the autobot cars to maybe get some b-roll footage. Here are some of the cars identified in this clip: Concept Centennial Corvette (Silver), Chevy Camaro (Bumblebee in yellow), Optimus Prime (flamed truck), chevrolet beats (orange), Chevy Trax (green), GMC Dropkick c4500(Ironhide))

Some additional pictures of Optimus Prime:

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Optimus Prime Alt Mode - Transformers 2

Optimus Prime must be the dream truck for many!

New photos at: –> Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox Transformers 2

Don’t miss the trailer of Transformers 2 in February!

18 Responses - “Optimus Prime Transformers Revenge of The Fallen”

  1. Iszaham

    Whoa, looks amazing: a beautiful photo of Optimus Prime.
    Can’t wait to see the film!

  2. Marc

    Can’t wait to see the film I cant find the original video.

    Can’t wait to see and hear Soundwave and Cliffjumper and Arcee!

    Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen is going to be the best film of 2009!

  3. brion fox

    If the movie is what i think it is it will make lots of money and sell. Iam so excited to see this movie and so is everyone else around me in Muskegon,MI. This and Iron Man II is all the movies that people talk about. It will be great i know it.

  4. Air 23 Air Jordans

    That’s awesome! It’s about time they finally added a Corvette to the crew, hopefully it’s Hot Rod or Hot Shot. I wonder if the Cayman is supposed to be a Transformer?

    Air 23 – News, release dates, info, tons of pics, and much more!!

  5. haha

    That was lame I want to actually see the real trailer.

  6. Curtis

    Can’t wait for Transformer 2 to come out! Looking foward to see Jetfire!! I wonder what’s the name of the Corvette, could it be Blurr? And who’s gonna take on the Constructicons? I don’t think Omega Supreme is in this movie.

  7. Curtis

    And also the character ‘The Fallen’. Does this mean Unicron and Primus will be involved in these Transformers movies?

  8. Nicky

    The fallen is one of the 13 original transformers made from primus and he turned to his evil twin brother unicron and unicron and the fallen got sucked into a black hole and got stuck in other dimensions, but that’s not obviously the end!
    Cannot wait till this movie!
    hope hot rod, cliffjumper, wheeljack, sideswipe, bluestreak, arcee, ultra magnus and inferno are in this film
    cant wait to see jetfire and soundwave for the decepticons.
    Going to be amazing!

  9. draco

    i heard there will be a transformer that looks human?

  10. Andrew

    I know for a fact that this movies is going to me the sickest movie ever!

    I am so glad that they keep Megan fox in this Transformers 2 movie.

  11. nemesis prime

    I am hopping this one is better than the first I have been watching transformers from 1983 till now and I still like them very much yup I am a big kid.

  12. Soundwave

    Can you freaking imagine Unicron in a live action movie… Whoa!

    Just having my favorite guy, Soundwave finally show up will rock!

  13. hottiemicnaughty

    OMG Transformers was an awesome movie and I loved watching it! Shia Labeouf is freaking sexy. I would love to see him again in Transformers 2!

  14. Ukguy

    I can’t wait for this film, the first was brilliant! The second Transformers movie will be amazing, well hopefully!

    Just want to say though, the green car in the clip is not the Chevy Trax, it’s actually a Chevy Beat:

    (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

  15. joshy rocks

    cant wait till next movie i hope it has 2 do with something in space with unicron attacking the hole gang including bumble bee

  16. renelhornilla

    Can’t wit to see the sequel of transformers the movie. I hope there are more fight scenes between the autobots and decepticons.

  17. Mike

    would anyone like to see these movies continue into the Beast Wars series, I mean they might as well they already have some of the a few of the beast form transformers such as Scorpinoc

  18. big star

    jetfire is for the autobots and he combines with optimus prime. can not wait to see it

    jetfie is beast see :

    and It has been confirmed that Jetfire will be appearing in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He is an SR-71 Blackbird and will be able to combine with Optimus Prime. Jetfire is portrayed as an aged Decepticon who becomes an Autobot due to his wounds and old age. He is partially seen in a desert with a cane of sorts (which is formed by his vehicle mode’s landing gear) in the film’s teaser trailer, while being attacked by Scorponok. In another footage, Jetfire is seen complaining to himself as he walks through an Aircraft Boneyard. He also appears in the latest trailer talking to Sam and Mikaela.