Orthodox Movie Trailer

You may watch below the official trailer of Orthodox, the upcoming drama movie directed by David Leon
and starring Stephen Graham, Christopher Fairbank, Michael Smiley, Giacomo Mancini, and Rebecca Callard:

Plot synopsis:
“An Orthodox Jewish boy persecuted for his faith, turns to Boxing as a means of self defense. As an adult, involvement in unlicensed boxing alienates him from the community. Tangled up in a web of criminal activity, he makes an immoral decision in order to provide for his family and as a result goes to prison leading to the loss of those he loves. Once released he is determined to right the wrongs which led to his downfall. He finds a way back into community life through his old boxing gym, where a devastating truth about his past is revealed and becomes the catalyst for a series of events that ensures he will never return to the normal life he has always craved.”

And here’s a preview clip:

Orthodox – I never wanted to fight, it found me.

He should have left the Orthodox life long ago. Orthodox Judaism is but a dangerous cult created by religious extremists and it just traps its followers in a living hell…

The release date of Orthodox is set to February 19, 2016 (UK release).

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