Ouija House Movie Trailer

Ouija House Horror MovieWe’ve got our hands on the first official Ouija House, the upcoming horror movie directed by Ben Demaree and starring Tara Reid, Mischa Barton, Dee Wallace, Carly Schroeder, Chris Mulkey, Mark Grossman, Grace Demarco, Derrick A. King, Tiffany Shepis, Eva Hamilton, Sarah French, and Susan Slaughter:


The game just got bigger!

Plot synopsis:
“A graduate student, who’s trying to finish the last of her research on a book project she hopes will help her down-on-her-luck mother, brings friends to a house with a dark past, where they soon unwittingly summon an evil entity who makes the house part of its game.”

Ouija boards are tools of the devil! Don’t play with them, well unless you want to die…

No official release date yet.

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