Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer

You may watch below the latest trailer of Snow White and the Huntsman, the upcoming action fantasy movie directed by Rupert Sanders:

Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer

“In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen.”

The release date of Snow White and the Huntsman is set for June 1, 2012.

Movies Coming Out This Week

Recent trailers and clips

Madagascar Europe’s Most Wanted Poster

Take a look to this brand new poster of Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted:

Madagascar 3 Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

I love their colorful wigs! Almost to buy one for my bald head!

The Dark Knight Rises New Promo Picture

A new promo picture for The Dark Knight Rises, aka Batman 3:

Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Batman vs Bane - The Dark Knight Rises
There’s also a new version of the synopsis:

“When Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) stumbles upon a plot to destroy the city from within, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) gets back into action as the Batman. Waiting for him is the mysterious Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) and Bane (Tom Hardy), a lethal adversary on a crusade to tear apart Batmans legacy piece by piece.”

So what about Selina Kyle aka Catwoman: friend, foe or frenemy of Batman?

Prometheus New International Trailer

Prometheus FilmA new international trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus:

Prometheus Trailer

Prometheus will hit theaters on June 8, 2012.

Upside Down Poster

A new international poster of Upside Down, the upcoming romantic science-fiction movie directed by Juan Diego Solanas:

Upside Down Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

“A man searches an alternate universe for a long-lost love from his youth.”

The film is starring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst.

3 New Clips of The Hunger Games

Hunger Games MovieYou may watch below three new film clips of The Hunger Games, the upcoming action science-fiction movie directed by Gary Ross:

Hunger Games Trailer

The Hunger Games – Here to help

The Hunger Games – Hope
President Snow (Donald Sutherland) talks to Seneca Crane (Wes Bentley).

The Hunger Games – There’s a special girl back home?
“Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister’s place for the latest match.”

The games will change everyone!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Looper

Two new pictures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the upcoming science-fiction thriller Looper have shown up online:

Looper Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

“A killer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who works for the mob of the future recognizes one of his targets (Bruce Willis) as his future self.”

The release date of Looper is set for September 28, 2012.

Battleship Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna

Just a new international movie poster of Battleship:

Battleship Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Taylor Kitsch looks like a wimp next to godlike Rihanna.

The Lucky One TV Spot

The Lucky One MovieCheck out those two TV spots of The Lucky One, the upcoming romantic drama movie starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling:

Lucky One Trailer

The Lucky One – One moment can change your life.

The Lucky One – Your photo saved my life!
“U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault (Zac Efron) returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq, with the one thing he credits with keeping him alive—a photograph he found of a woman he doesn’t even know. Learning her name is Beth (Taylor Schilling) and where she lives, he shows up at her door, and ends up taking a job at her family-run local kennel. Despite her initial mistrust and the complications in her life, a romance develops between them, giving Logan hope that Beth could be much more than his good luck charm.”

The release date of The Lucky One is set for April 20 , 2012.

Avengers Film Posters

Yet a new series of awesome posters of The Avengers, the upcoming superhero action movie written and directed by Joss Whedon:

Avengers Trailer

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

I totally dig the banner poster featuring Hulk and Iron Man!

Starship Troopers Invasion Trailer

Starship Troopers Invasion is an upcoming direct-to-dvd CGI movie. It’s a direct sequel to Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers, ignoring the sequels Starship Troopers 2 Hero of the Federation and Starship Troopers 3 Marauder. Here’s the first official trailer of Starship Troopers Invasion:

“The world is at war with explosive space bugs, and it’s up to the Troopers to keep them at bay!”

Well, consider me hooked: I definitely want to see the film!

The film is set to be released in Summer 2012.

5 Clips of American Reunion

American Pie 4 Movie - American Reunion FilmYou may enjoy below five preview clips of American Pie 4 aka American Reunion:

American Pie 4 Trailer

American Pie 4 – It’s OK to meet someone else.

American Pie 4 – After this drink I got to go home.

American Pie 4 – Ron, Heather and a cardiologist.

American Pie 4 – I’m a mom now.

American Pie 4 – They were really nice guys.
“Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reunite in East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion.”

The film will hit theaters on April 6, 2012. Expect to laugh like crazy!

Abraham Lincoln Trailer

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter FilmYou’ll get to learn about the secret life of Abraham Lincoln in the upcoming fantasy action movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov and starring Benjamin Walker:

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Trailer

There is darkness everywhere, but only the living can kill the dead!

Smurfs 2 Poster

I spotted a promo poster of the Smurfs 2 a while ago, here it is:

Smurfs 2 Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Smurfs 2 Film

Those Smurfs are climbing the Eiffel Tower, aren’t they? Will the sequel to the Smurfs head to Paris in France?

2 New Trailers of Prometheus

Prometheus MovieThose two new trailers of Prometheus, the upcoming prequel to Alien, have been released online

Prometheus Trailer

“A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.”

Prometheus is a real hymn to science-fiction. May god bless Ridley Scott!