Pandorum Poster

The latest poster of Christian Alvart’s Pandorum (via Bloody Disgusting) is way too dark I think:

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

It’s actually a picture of some really fit man (or zombie?) shedding his old skin, we may have a better look at the creature below:

Zombie or simple man, I would not dare to bug this guy: he’s fit like a bodybuilder!

2 Responses - “Pandorum Poster”

  1. Hans Klok

    That is Ben Foster. You see the same scene clearly in the trailer.

  2. Leslie Blair

    It’s a guy peeling off his chrio suit/skin once he comes out of the tank… but I was only able to figure it out with your edited image. Thanks! I really enjoyed the movie but still couldn’t get my eyes to figure out what the poster was.