Paranormal Activity 2 Movie

Paranormal Activity 2 MovieThe first Paranormal Activity movie directed by Oren Peli may have been filmed on low budget, officially with only $15,000. But it’s been a huge success. And Paramount is damn glad they picked the rights. Now it looks like they want to start a franchise. A movie sequel to Paranormal Activity seems to be in the air, yep we can get ready for Paranormal Activity 2:


Paramount 's Brad Grey

“We have the rights on a worldwide basis to do Paranormal 2 and we’re looking to see if that makes some sense.”

Brad Grey, CEO of Paramount Pictures

I guess he doesn’t want to look like a shark, but it definitely makes sense for the company: you invest a few bucks and you’re paid back millions. So I have no doubt that they’re going to produce Paranormal Activity 2.

Not sure what would be the basis of Paranormal Activity 2 though: another random couple or family haunted by some evil spirit? What would you suggest for Paranormal Activity 2?

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  1. alex

    it better be good

  2. LilSpyro

    All i got to say is… better be Based on a true story i mean really a fake “Paranormal activity” will be RETARDED!

  3. izzy

    The first Paranormal Activity wasn’t based on a true story… it just makes you think it is by dedicating itself to the main actors and to some made up police dept at the beginning. its purely fictional.

  4. jake

    what about a prequel, based on the person whos name the demon wrote on the ouiji board

  5. jake

    or maybe about when katie was a child. or even the same film but from the demons POV.

  6. jake

    The story needs to be based on Katie’s life after Mica’s death. she could be living in a mental home, with the demon still haunting her. Doctors could do loads of interviews in a room with her, explaining about how she feels. it would be brilliant!

  7. Andrew

    I think a prequel might work, telling the (possibly origin) story of Diane.

  8. ADockings

    i think i should be about the ghost hunter guy from the first one trying to find out what happened or something along those lines theres endless possibilities there!

  9. Shaun Grey

    perhaps a prequel with diane the other woman who got possesed a demon?

  10. odan

    Considering there were two ending. Take the one where they girl is never found. And twist it so the 2nd movie starts with her wandering around the country side , until she ends up in a isolated farm house , where the people that live there take her in. Then have things like the phone stop working and some weird things that just happen at the perfect timing to force everyone to stay in the house, until finally the family starts to freak out and blame it on the girl , who because she is the demon , she starts to kill them off at the end. Then have some crazy ending where the last person alive goes mad , and does kill the girl , but becomes the demon themself of something like that.

  11. GodRealm13

    Ok. Here’s my idea of what the next paranormal activity should be about. You know how people say animals can detect the unknown around us, or when they bark at something like a wall, appearing to us like nothing is there, but to them something is. Animals can detect ghosts!

  12. Steph

    Omg none if your ideas would work. Paranormal activity is as popular as it is because it is freaky but also because of the way the story is put across like a recording of their lives, all the suggestions you lot are making is making it like a proper movie – paranormal activity is original for the way it is put across and I think they should make it the same way the first has been done.

  13. Sara

    It would be really cool to maybe have kaytie haunt the house after a new couple moves in or something. Idk, but I think the movie should somehow continue from the first one.

  14. AJ

    This movie left a lot of loose ends and a lot of loose beginnings too(if that makes sense). I think a movie describing the events that happened to Katie prior to the hauntings, and also the events after the theatrical ending where Katie is never found. Also maybe a little of what the demon looks like or something from its POV. Or maybe all that should remain a mystery. Tell me what you think.

  15. Zeno

    i dont think they should show the demon becuse it would ruin the audiences depiction of what they fear from the first one.The movie was succesful becuse it used our personal fear of what we imagined it to be and turned it against us.

  16. mdwingate

    I loved Paranormal Activity, it was a great movie. I think a sequel would be great. The only problem I would have is that the media and the flm producers are trying to pass off the movie as being non-fiction and it’s not. How would you have a sequel if one of the main characters is dead and the others “whereabouts are unkown”?I would love to see a sequel but I don’t know how that would work.

  17. elle

    I’d like to see the her (the possessed one,) ‘caught and killed in some needs work; handyman special home. Some years pass and a young couple, starting off – new starter home – see the potential in this fairly inexpensive home with huge possibilities!

    He loses his day job a few months after they’ve moved in. He begins to hear/see things and brushes it off. He ends up finding a graveyard shift job and she’s left with a house filled with nightly activity. Lol, darn! I should be a writer!

  18. ciprian

    I like good movies, specially low-budget ones, but this movie is better to not have a sequel. Don’t get me wrong, i would like one, but for sure it wont be intriguing like the first one, which left you scared in bed that night when you watched it! :p
    but please not another exorcism movie!


    I hope they do the search for Katie that would really be good and it would make sense to end it like that

  20. Delgadoy

    Jeesh, after watching paranormal activity I wanted to see more. I want them to find Katie. like they find her on a stranded highway or something that would be awesome.

  21. DJ

    hmm, id like them to find katie… but already dead and discarded somewhere… maybe found by the next person who is haunted by the demon…

    another angle is the diana story… prequel would be better than a sequel.. more potential there.

  22. Iren

    True or fake it was better than most of the “horror” movies that came out!I’m a big fan of horror movies but lets be honest, 95% of the “horror” movies that came out this year werent even CLOSE to scary!

  23. abby-lee

    FIRST the main element that gave this film its fear factor was the prospect of being real. the story line wasnt full of idiotic notions, it was simply set in a bedroom, at night time, with two people. if we extended that too far it will take away the realism, making it too commercial and hollywood.
    SECOND leaving katie unfound also makes it scarier, leaving it up to us and our imaginations and fears to consider what could have happened to her. (like texas chain saw masacre) leaving the villian out there some where keeps the fear alive, rather then giving us closure and the ability to sleep knowing its dead. keep it alive i say.
    THIRD all the options have been great, if it must go hollywood on us i would love to see a second film quickly open with the ending of the first, showing katie in her last state. but leave her at that. leave it open for our imaginations. then the basis of the second story could be another doco, using the doctor to investigate katies whereabouts, using her past and childhood, to help him put it together. she might have even known diane in her past, who knows.
    we cannot forget the main technique used that made this movie so good, the use of a video camera, which made it more real. we have to keep that otherwise it’ll just be another movie.
    FOURTH keep it simple. its the little things that give us the biggest creeps.

  24. Clint

    What made Paranormal Activity great was the documentary style. It makes it more intimate and much more real. The only way to stay true to the film and do it any justice is to go back to that style. All these ideas about Diane or having Katieslaughter a house full of people are taking away from the film. Whoever suggested following the medium guy on a search for Katie is on the right track. That would be a story easy enough to follow in a doc style. If Paramount changes the style all we’re looking at is a repeat of Blair Witch and Blair Witch 2.

  25. Sarah

    I think they should do a prequel, not a sequel. If there is a movie showing what happens after Katie kills Micah, it will ruin the fact that it’s OUR imaginations that make it so creepy.

    I think the movie should be based on the events that happen before Katie meets Micah, like how she described to the spiritulist guy.

  26. Tihani

    Paranormal Activity was okay, i just hate that we weren’t told what was written on that Ouija Board, maybe you could put that in the sequel? Also, I think a prequel would be a great idea too!

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