Paranormal Activity Movie Trailer

Paranormal Activity MovieParanormal Activity is an upcoming horror movie wriiten and directed by Oren Peli. They didn’t have a huge budget to make the movie: barely $11,000, and filming was wrapped over the period of one week. But they got a real new concept: forget Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity is way better! And a positive word of mouth has followed screening of the film in festivals. Now it’s been picked up by Paramount. There is a limited release on September 25, 2009. But expect this release to go wide quite soon. Enough talk, let’s discover this movie trailer of Paranormal Activity:


“A happy, carefree couple is haunted by a demonic spirit.”

Nice trailer: I like seeing the reactions of the public to the movie. I’m gonna check if there’s a theater nearby that will show the movie Paranormal Activity!

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