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Percy Jackson 2 - Percy Jackson SequelI’ve seen Percy Jackson and it was way better than expected. People in the theater really enjoyed the movie and Grover’s joke. So I think it’s going to be a blockbuster. Director Chris Colombus was quoted as saying:

Percy Jackson 2 Trailer

“With Percy Jackson it was a matter of finding the right cast to fit into these roles, because hopefully we will go on to do other Percy Jackson films and you want the cast to grow with their characters.”

Director Chris Colombus

Well I bet he will go forward with his plan of a franchise based on the Percy Jackson novels written by Rick Riordan. So we may get ready for Percy Jackson 2, the movie sequel to Percy Jackson. The film will most likely be based on Percy Jackson the Sea of Monsters, the second novel in the series by Rick Riordan:

Percy Jackson 2 MoviePlot of Percy Jackson and the Olympians 2 The Sea of Monsters
“Grover the satyr has been kidnapped and taken to an island in the Sea of Monsters, a dangerous sea that is almost impossible to pass through getting out alive. Percy and Annabeth will try to save their friend and also to retrieve a but retrieve the Golden Fleece in order to protect Camp Half-Blood from an attack by the Titans and other monsters.”

No doubt that Logan Lerman, Brandon T Jackson, Alexandra Daddario will reprise their roles respectively as Percy, Grover and Annabeth: this new franchise will be a real stepping stone to their movie careers.
Percy Jackson Movie Sequel - Percy Jackson 2According to the online rumor, Percy Jackson 2 would be released sometime in 2012.

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  1. Cat

    If they are going to make Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters I hope they make so it’s some what like the book, because Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was nothing like book, they both had completely different story lines.

  2. Freddie Gonsalez

    Pjo was a great film! But I must admit that it was nothing like the book. But I’am sure with a genius like Chris, he will come together. Percy Jackson 2 will focus more on a teen/adult audience. there will be lot of blood, and action and chemistry and monsters and it would follow the book a bit more. I’am sure of it

    • Cat

      I hope your right, I’ve read all the books, and even though I loved the movie I do prefer the books…

  3. Anthony

    yes , I hope they do make a sequel from the first movie, I really loved it. , stick to the book though :)

  4. anthony

    lol… the movie was nothing like the book….. but i liked them both, i finished the series in a day! i cant wait 4 the next movie or the next book series! lol!

  5. Anthony#1

    the whole series is awsome and so is the movie. I wish that I was Percy Jackson. ; ] LOL

  6. Cat

    So you want monsters chasing after you every now and then? But I must admit being a demi-god would be epic!

  7. Roberto

    Yes, their will be a Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters. It will be released in 2012, but their are no real official trailers for the movie, yet. Christopher Columbus plans the additions for “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters” to be held on September 24, 2010. Logan Lerman says he will star in The Sea of Monsters and the rest of the future Percy Jackson films. Thats all the info I now of so far. Stay tuned with me, Roberto for more facts and sneak peaks on The Sea of Monsters movie.

  8. Roberto

    Being a demi-god would be cool, its just that you have to deal with monsters attacking you. I wonder how Percy works out with that. Anyway, I will have more facts for “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters” movie more later by Christmas with more info on the new Percy Jackson film. I hope The Lightning Theif movie got a lot of grouse. I’m actually not truly sure if their even WILL be another Percy Jackson film, but Christopher Columbus really would enjoy making another film, so their will probably be a second Percy Jackson film which will go into theaters in 2012.

  9. manaswini

    they should totally make one. the movie was cool even if the book was better (like usual). I think they could make it work if they make everything begin in like the second movie. u know, like, make it so chiron didn’t tell him the prophecy cos he was worried ans tell him in the second movie. The prophecy could be extended then they make it like luke comes back and starts raising kronos and then they introduce clarrise in this movie. They could stick to the book and compress it a bit, introduce all of the above when he gets back to camp with tyson and then stick to the book.

  10. Roberto

    Yeah. They say the will make a Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Sea of Monsters. Auditions are only in a week! They say it will be released sometime in 2012.

  11. Yasha

    I really love Percy Jackson and the Olympians, well, I hope they will follow the book, because in the first movie it was really different, percy and annabeth are 12 years old in the book and in the movie 17. And when percy came to camp half blood, percy has his own house (not cabin) and there is no hologram for claiming sons and daughters. Weird huh?

  12. Char

    And they didn’t have an Oracle! Boo…

  13. ETFern

    THey ARE making a new one. I think that Percy, annabeth, and grover’s characters will be the same actors because they are obligated through a contract that if they made sequels they would have to be in at least the first 3. and they are making a sequel so…. you know.

  14. Demigod

    Well, all I can say is that if they want the movie to have any success, they just need to trust that Rick Riordan actually wrote a good story. Isn’t that why they’re making the book into a movie in the first place? Because it’s good? Then why change the story to their own twisted image? That’s what caused TLT to fail at the box office. And now I’ve heard that they’ve hired the screenwriter who wrote freaking AGENT CODY BANKS to write this second one. I hope he’s gotten better at writing since then. Jeesh.

  15. Ginger

    I loves the orginal and can’t wait for the second one!! But hope it can still be like the book but a little different

  16. Unknown

    I wonder How they are going to be able to do this, In the first monive, Percy is about 5 years too old. For the book, he was only twelve. I really like the first movie, and the books, but in the movie, doesn’t LUke Die, And where are they going to mention clarisse?

  17. Kohl

    I hope they do make a second percy Jackson movie because the novel series is good and the first movie was really great!

  18. Sarah

    I have read every single book with Percy and I hope a movie comes out for every single one!!!!!!

  19. Banana boy

    As much as I want it too there’s no way the sequel can be like the book. The first film ended way different from the book.