Percy Jackson Movie Trailer

Percy JacksonA new movie trailer of Percy Jackson, aka Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief, is available:

Percy Jackson

“A young man discovers that he is descended from a Greek god and embarks, with the aid of a satyr and the daughter of Athena, on a dangerous adventure amidst a war between the Gods.”

The movie Percy Jackson is directed by Chris Columbus, it’s based on the book series written by Rick Riordan. I don’t really expect this to be a new Harry Potter, but it could compete with movies like Narnia.

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  1. J Smith

    This is “Harry Potter” for the next decade. Can’t wait to see it!!

  2. Chelsea

    I can’t wait for it either. The only real problem I have with the movie is the casting of Annabeth and Grover. Not to sound racist but Grover isn’t black, and Annabeth isn’t a brunette.

  3. Jeffery

    The series that these movies are based on are amazing, but I can’t believe how bad the cast might screw it up. The actor who plays Annabeth is 18 and a brunette, while the girl in the books is 12 and a blonde. And the guy who plays Percy is good except for that he’s 3 years too old. And also, the guy that plays Grover won’t do at all. He is 3 years too old and black. Not to be racist, but GROVER IS NOT BLACK!!! If they fix this cast, the movie will have much more success.

  4. Nissim17

    Dude,way,way,way too late to fix the cast problems. The casting people were just plain stupid and we can only hope they make a remake in about 10 years. can grover horns if he doesn’t have curly hair?
    2.Lerman is not 15, hes like 17
    3.Brandon t is not 15 either , hes like 22(look it up)
    4.The harry potter movie werent at all like the book, so in my opinion ,i dont think that they should be used at all as a standard for turning a great book into a movie.
    5.I cant really tell but i dont think the logan lerman has green eyes
    6.the movies catch phrase”Half boy, Half god, All hero cannot be a good omen……

  5. domaye

    cool i read these books and there pretty cool though i find a number of things wrong with the movie for one the books are more innocent but these give to much of a intense vibe the casting is a bit of because they should all start of younger in the first movie and grow through out the series meh any way as longas people like it and they make more i’m happy

  6. cooldude

    not trying to burst your bubble guys but in the books it never really mentions if grover is black or white but you’re right bout the age thing

    the movie will be great but compared to the books it’s nothing

  7. some person

    You’re right on that one. Plus, Percy is supposed to be 12 or 13 or vise versa. One thing I don’t get is why they show Tyson’s shield and a “clickable” Riptide. Although, I just think the cast members have a special connection to the characters. This book and the rest of the series is soooo totally awesome.

    Also, read “The Heroes of the Valley” by Jonathan Stroud. It’s a cool book, but not as cool as the popular Percy stories. Still, it’s kinda cool. It’s a tiny bit similar. Though, I learned something about a guy person named Halli. He’s sort of like the dynamic protagonist like Percy.

  8. Watch The Lightning Thief

    Percy Jackson Movie is the newest addictiveness of myself. I am waiting for the release date of this upcoming movie. :)

  9. sel

    movie was good never read the books guess i should!