Peterloo Movie trailer

Peterloo MovieWe’ve got our hands on the first official trailer of Peterloo, the upcoming history drama movie written and directed by Mike Leigh and starring Rory Kinnear, Christopher Eccleston, David Bamber, Maxine Peake, Nico Mirallegro, and Eileen Davies:


From acclaimed Director Mike Leigh.

Shake the chains that fall on you.

You are many, they are few.

Plot synopsis:
“Internationally acclaimed and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Mike Leigh portrays one of the bloodiest episodes in British history, the infamous Peterloo Massacre of 1819, where government-backed cavalry charged into a peaceful crowd of 80,000 that gathered in Manchester, England to demand democratic reform.”

The haves were not ready to share with the have nots back then. Has anything really changed?

The Us release date of the movie is set to November 9, 2018 (in theaters).

Stay tuned for updates.

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