Pirates of of the Caribbean 5 Movie

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Movie - POTC 5 - Pirates 5 FilmAccording to Deadline Walt Disney has hired Scriptwriter Terry Rossio (who co-wrote the script of the previous Pirates movies) to pen the script of Pirates of the Caribbean 5. From what I heard Director Rob Marshall did a hell of a job with POTC 4 so he will likely keep the job for Pirates of the Caribbean 5. And Johnny Depp told Entertainment Weekly that he wouldn’t mind reprising his role as Jack Sparrow for a fifth film:

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Trailer

“As long as we can put all the puzzle pieces together, I would most definitely consider it.”

Actor Johnny Depp

The focus of the fourth film is the Fountain of Youth. So what could be the plot of of Pirates of the Caribbean 5? Where will Jack Sparrow sail to this time around? Any suggestion?

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    Why dont they continue a story with will turner (orlando bloom) and Elizabeth swan (khira knightly) about where they are now his adventure his life now being the captain od davy jones boat now and what elizabeth is now doing without him.

  2. randomer

    Moby Dick maybe

  3. Lisa

    Well I think that they should focus on captain jack sparrow because I would like to see him finally settle down with someone that he truely loves .

    • Sarah

      @Lisa: See, the problem is that he does NOT love her. No matter what he said. He tells every whore he loves her(clearly because that is what they want to hear: see end of potc 3) and I see her no different. He lied to her and i think every CRAZY FANGIRL should get it!

  4. Erc

    I would like for him to finally get the black pearl and be done with Barbosa if they do make a six film I would like to see the final showdown between Jack and Barbosa and Barbossa lose

  5. wiliaml

    I would want there to be more battles out at sea using the canons because you didn’t really use any of that in the 4th one!