Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Release Date

Update – Release date officially pushed back to July 7, 2017.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 MovieDisney has announced the release date of Pirates of the Caribbean 5.: the film is scheduled to hit theaters on July 10, 2015.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Movie Trailer

There’s also a new scriptwriter on board: Jeff Nathanson, who wrote Catch Me if You Can. He has been hired to work on the script of Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is still attached to the franchise. And Actor johnny Depp will reprise his role as Captain jack Sparrow.

Where do you think Jack Sparrow will sail to this time around? So far he’s been to the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe. What’s next: South or North America, or maybe Africa, or possibly India?

10 Responses - “Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Release Date”

  1. taylor

    that’s great!

  2. Dani B

    OH i thought it was coming out in 2013 :S Thats annoying….

    And why? That’s like ages away!

  3. Awesome

    Really I didn’t know!! Well that’s kind of a bummer

  4. anoop

    Jack! Way to go buddy …..

  5. Surendar

    Do you confirm the release date 10 July 2015? Is it true?

  6. mahima

    I am waiting

  7. Katie

    I am waiting but like that’s not even on calendars yet

  8. Norma Deen Juracsik

    Because of the dog problem in Australia, I guess that is where Jack is going to be. I always thought they should do what Star Wars did and go back in time – to Capt. Jack’s early days and why he became a pirate, before the 1st Pirates movie. Johnny looks young enough to pull it off.

  9. Nigam Singh Rana

    Dare not to come India…We will not let you go back…ha ha ha