Pitch Perfect 2 Movie

Actress Rebel Wilson shared via her twitter account a photo of the cast of Pitch Perfect 2, the upcoming musical comedy movie directed by Elizabeth Banks:

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

“A sequel to the 2012 musical comedy that follows Fat Amy and Beca through their senior year at Barden University.”

The cats includes Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Ester Dean, Alexis Knapp, Hana Mae Lee, Hailee Steinfeld, and Elizabeth Banks.

Here’s the trailer of the first Pitch Perfect movie:


The release date of Pitch Perfect 2 is set to May 15, 2015.

5 Responses - “Pitch Perfect 2 Movie”

  1. Stephanie Prado

    Hi, I was wondering if you were looking for any extras for Pitch Perfect 2? I would love to be a small part in this movie. The first was really my favorite. I have my resume card and other things if you need it.

    • kayla

      Stephanie… they are already in post production… I encourage you to look into casting 360… they have a one time 1$ membership fee and they will even call you to offer jobs any time your profile comes up in a search. I’m not affiliated with them… just an enthused thespian :) good luck!

  2. Michelle

    I loved the first movie. I can’t wait to see the next one!

  3. Veda MC

    Can’t wait!! My daughter and I loved the first one!!!!! Hope this one is even better!!!!!!!

  4. Margaret May Stamper

    Omg!!!! I can’t frickin wait! It comes out the day after my birthday! Best birthday present ever!!!! :D