Plan Z Movie Trailer

Plan Z MovieCheck out this powerful trailer of Plan Z, the latest zombie horror thriller movie written and directed by Stuart Brennan and starring Stuart Brennan, Mark Paul Wake, Eugene Horan, and Terry Deary:

Plot synopsis:
“Craig has always thought about what he might do in a zombie apocalypse. When a deadly outbreak of Ebola erupts, his planning becomes more serious. As the virus mutates and makes the dead rise again, he must put his plan to action. Barricading himself in his house his plan quickly unravels when a friend calls him for help. As violence becomes his savior, Craig must flee and adopt a new and more aggressive course of action. Meeting survivors en route, their bitter stories soon find even the pacifists among them turning towards the new plan. A Plan Z.”

What about you? Do you have plan if there was to be a zombie outbreak?

There are also three posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

An additional teaser focusing on weapons to slay zombies:

Plan Z – Weapons

Release date: October 31, 2016 (on VOD in the UK).

Updated plot synopsis:
Political unrest. The ebola virus hitting certain countries hard. Strong military and police presence. The signs are everywhere, something bad is coming, something no one expected, except Craig. Craig has a plan. A Plan Z. When trouble breaks out and a new virus causes those who are attacked to rise from the dead, Craig actions his plan and begins a journey that will take him to some very dark places. As a lone cell phone vibrates, will he help his friend on the other end, or will he ignore it. The people in the street who need sanctuary? Will he heed their call, or will he lock the door? How far does his plan take him? Who will survive? How will they survive? What would you do? What would you feel? What will be the emotional toll? Prepare for answers. Prepare for a plan…. A Plan Z.”

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