Plush Movie trailer

Let’s watch the first official trailer of Plush, the upcoming thriller movie directed by Catherine Hardwicke (who helmed Twilight) and starring Emily Browning Cam Gigandet, Frances Fisher, Xavier Samuel, Brandon Jay McLaren and Dawn Olivieri:

“Hayley (Emily Browning), a rising rock star, is in a serious depression and downward spiral after her brother and band mate OD’s on drugs. However, she finds hope and creative inspiration with her new guitarist, Enzo. Though Haley has a family, their collaboration becomes strained when Enzo (Xavier Samuel) begins to make advances on her. Hayley soon discovers that he has a dark past and realizes she may have let a madman into her life risking everyone around her.”

Do you think Twilight fans will enjoy Plush?

The release date of Plush is set to September 13, 2013.

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