Pop Star Puppy Movie

Take a look to the first official movie poster of Pop Star Puppy (aka Dog Idol), the upcoming comedy family movie from IFA based on a script by Pyung Kim and Andrew Van Slee:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


A boy’s best friend is now music’s top dog.

“A dog named Dino is bought by a soldier named Andrew for his son Austin. Andrew is headed back to Afghanistan until Christmas and wants to give his son something to cheer him up. Little does Andrew or Austin know that Dino has a gift…he can sing and he sings great! If Dino can learn to sing in front of others instead of just in the shower
or behind a curtain, he has enough talent to appear on the American Pop Icon show.
Is it possible that Dino will be the next idol of this popular American show?
And, if a man named Frank has his way, will Dino be swiped from Austin for Frank’s own selfish purposes?”

To play the lead star, two dogs, Dino and Bella, have been “hired” for the lead canine role so they can interchange them throughout the movie, this way they don’t get burned out on set. There’s also a fully mobile remote-controlled electronic dog that can talk and move around like Dino and Bella.

A look at the living puppies below:

Those puppies are so cute!

If you wondering about the dog breed, they’re King Cavalier Spaniels.

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