Premature Movie Trailer

Check out the hilarious trailer of Premature, the upcoming comedy movie directed by Dan Beers based on a script he co-wrote with Mathew Harawitz:

“Rob, A high school senior, finds himself reliving losing his virginity over and over again!
Is Rob stuck in a dream? Experiencing déjà vu? Having a psychotic break? Whether it’s finding a way to get into Georgetown, into Angela’s pants, or having an even bigger epiphany, Rob must figure out how to break the cycle before losing his mind.”

So basically the film is like “Edge of Tomorrow“, just that it’s a different kind of battleground, LoL!

The cast includes John Karna, Katie Findlay, Craig Roberts, Carlson Young, Adam Riegler, Elon Gold, Brian Huskey, Steve Coulter, Kate Kneeland, and Alan Tudyk.

The release date of Premature is set to July 2, 2014.

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