Prevenge Movie trailer

Prevenge MovieYou may watch below the first official trailer of Prevenge, the upcoming horror comedy thriller movie written and directed by Alice Lowe and starring Kate Dickie:

Plot synopsis:
“Ruth (Lowe) is seven months pregnant, and like many expecting mothers she believes that her baby is speaking to her through an inner voice — the only difference being that this particular tot is telling her to go on a killing spree. Still mourning the death of her husband just months before, Ruth allows her baby to coach her on murder techniques and push her onward in a quest to dispatch people who stand in her way, from a pet shop owner to a DJ to a lonely businesswoman. Through all the carnage, Ruth’s bulging belly serves as a perfect alibi — after all, who would ever suspect a cold-blooded killer could be lurking behind the sweet, glowing visage of a visibly pregnant woman?”

It’s better not mess with an expectant mother… And don’t threat her baby… or you may well unleash an incredible power!

The film is coming to UK theaters on February 10, 2017, no official US release date yet.

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