Prince of Persia 2 Movie

Prince of Persia 2 Movie - Prince of Persia SequelThere’s been no official announcement yet of a movie sequel to the upcoming Prince of Persia movie. But knowing that UbiSoft is releasing Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands a direct sequel to the game the film is based on one can but wonder about a potential Prince of Persia 2 movie. I’m pretty sure the first POF movie is going to be a real success, so I think we can get ready for the Prince of Persia sequel ahead of us.

Prince of Persia 2 Trailer

That the sequel would be based on the Forgotten Sands isn’t set in stone. Jordan Mechner already said that the film is free follow its own plot:

“I don’t think the movie and the game need to come back together into lockstep.”

Jordan Mechner

Anyway, here’s the game trailer of Prince of Persia the Forgotten Sands:


“Visiting his brother’s kingdom following his adventure in Azad, the Prince finds the royal palace under siege from a mighty army bent on its destruction. When the decision is made to use the ancient power of the Sand in a desperate gamble to save the kingdom from total annihilation, the Prince will embark on an epic adventure in which he will learn to bear the mantle of true leadership, and discover that great power often comes with great responsibility.”

Let’s pray for the first POF movie to be a success so we’ll get to watch the movie Prince of Persia in a not too distant future!

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  1. Dedicance

    I must say this is stupid the first movie was a failure a total fail EPIC FAIL for the real fans of the games to me it was like they tried to mixed 3 games in 1 movie wtf thats total epic fail for sure are they nuts or what????? you cant put 3 games in 1 movie you know how long is each game??? idiots

    • Eric

      you sound like a 5 year old, its just a movie and a great one at that. If you wanted them to be based off the game then there would be no reason for you to watch them anyways because you have obviously played all the games and you would be watching everything you have played in a video game. you sound like an “epic fail”

    • Shahrukh

      Yah as eric said he sounds like a 5yr boy who doesnt know the importance of this popsot movie….this is the great movie i have ever loved…..i also want to see more parts of the pop movie

      • vikramaditya

        The movie is really fantastic while I have learn wall run I would like to see more parts of pop-prince of Persia

    • Alex

      oki I don’t think it was a complete waset of time for the first movie. If there were to be a second movie based upon the games I think the most difficult character that they will have to spend a lot of time on is Dhaka. This is almost like saying the first movie of Need For Speed was stupid but it’s very well put for The Run… So agree to disagree I think they should bring a second movie trying to base it more on the second game otherwise if memory serves right aren’t you even a little curios on how the brothers rule the city after the princess has warned Desmond of what would happen if the time would be reversed and both him and his uncle did reverse it??? I think UBI sit in a difficult decision on what to do next if there’s going to be a next movie so lastly just think of what they have to do after the big thing has happened meaning in the end he still had all those memories of what happened the first time so I think it’s only fair that they should think of what to do…

  2. Jim

    Well put Eric. One of the OH SO COMMON and very unfortunate self-conceived misconceptions of our time pertaining to the movie industry is that if a movie releases and shares a name with a book, game, comic, etc, it MUST follow the EXACT storyline from it’s partner or else it is utterly garbage. WHY?!? My advice to EVERYONE; do yourself and everyone else a favor and try having AN OPEN MIND when you watch any movie. If it is entertaining, the acting is good, and the plot is believable then sit back, relax, and JUST ENJOY IT!!

    That being said, PoP:SoT was a FANTASTIC movie! It may have strayed pretty far from the game which it is LOOSELY based on, but who cares?? It was wonderfully done with captivating acting and mesmerizing visuals with a plot line that was definitely good enough to stand on it’s own. I, personally, would LOVE to see a sequel made!!

  3. dara

    Am a fan of this game i really like the storyline of it. So I would like the movies be based on that storyline from the games. But not a mixed of all at once it doesn’t make sense then. You are trying to make something similar to the game but we want it just like the game!

  4. catdog

    i wanted to see sand monsters in the movie :(
    would love to see a two thrones movie

  5. amaan

    I want to see Warrior Within

  6. bhuvanesh

    prince of persia is a wonderful game

  7. lokendra awasthi

    i want to see warrior within
    and see the sands monster and dhakha who is the guardian of timeline :-|

    • seriously?

      come on man, they dont hav the technology to create a movie dahaka, and if they try, well that would be an epic fail..

  8. Stan Young

    I think that there should be novelty items to go with movies. Like dagger , swords , sling case maybe even the outfit as well.

  9. anshul

    i seriously want to see the movie…expecially warrior within …that DAHAKA always chasing him…….

  10. NotAgamer

    Being that I’m not a gamer, I found the movie fascinating! I thought that the plot, pseudo history, acting and script, etc. were amazingly well done. Again, I am not a gamer, so I have absolutely no clue what the game is like to compare it to the movie. (I just thought this site warranted a “movie only” viewpoint, being that so many were disappointed the movie apparently doesn’t live up to the game.)

  11. POP

    The main draw back of this movie is this movie dint have any monster at all and POP is completely filled up with monsters from start to end

  12. kakarott

    Badddd assss movie can’t wait to see more of them! Why haven’t they made one yet??

  13. VIVEK

    Am dying to see all series of Prince of Persia, especially Two Thrones..

  14. azza

    I’ve played all the games since they were sideview platform all the way to the latest one in comic graphics on the 360. What your all forgetting is the film wasn’t ment to be a direct copy of the game and was nothing like it, with only very few aspects of the game incorporated into it, those that where came from ” the sands of time”. I felt let down at first when I watched it but found it a very well based film that I enjoyed an most of my friends share the same thoughts. We can’t wait for the next film to see curse actually take hold of him.

  15. Akash

    I want to see prince of Persia sequel.

  16. Honey

    The Prince of Persia game series is one of the best game ever n ever!
    I am also waiting for the next part.
    I love Kaileena… hope she will be back in the next chapter of Prince of Persia … Please someone bring her back!

  17. Vivek

    Everyone said their points, my point is same dara said on 15th may 2012, don’t mixed those three parts any off the movies. Because those who are coming to watch those movies coming from game, they will expect more, so those directors who taking the movies from game dont mix or don’t completely change the concept of the story lines.

  18. Sharif

    I just want to say that I love this movie a lot … I watched this movie every time whenever I get bored … I think there should b a sequel of this movie prince of Persia … plz make this movie … we will b so happy … !!! I have played all the series of this prince of Persia … n think there should b a movie of pop … finally jerry sir. Make this movie … now the producer n director had not think to make thy series of pop …!!!

  19. Millan

    The prince of Persia movie is good ,but the expectation of next part is high ,we are waiting for next movie

  20. q4Strant

    So it is going to be a next movie ? pls respond I love the first one