Prince of Persia Movie In 2010

Prince of PersiaGame character Dastan from the video game Prince of Persia will have his own movie. Director Mike Newell is indeed working on a movie adapation starring Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role.

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Prince of Persia was originally inspired by One Thousand and One Nights, the famous collection of Arabian tales.

Update 1: like ‘some guy’ said, the movie has been advanced from 2011 to 2010, actually the new official release date for the Prince of Persia movie is May 28, 2010.

Update 2: here’s the movie trailer of Prince of Persia:



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  1. Carlos Cisneros

    I hope Hollywood learns their lesson from disastrous attempts
    at adapting video games into movie the wrong-and the right.
    I hope the actor Jake Gylenhall played the video game before getting casted in
    the role of the Prince. And since its being produced through Disney, I hope the movie is rated PG-13 cause the video game was rated Teen.

  2. the Dark Prince

    will there use Monica Bellucci as the empress of time in the sec the movie just as in the game

  3. ash

    super movie it will be a great hit

  4. natlie

    You know Carlos, I’m hoping the movie will be rated PG-13 too. because I don’t like blood gore violence sex movies, give me romance, adventure, comedy, action, animated movies any day!

  5. some guy

    the movie is not coming out in 2011 its coming out in 2010

  6. Teaser Trailer

    Thank you ‘Some Guy’ for this update on the release date of the movie Prince of Persia the Sands of Time!

  7. natlie

    UH, dark prince, I was hoping that they cast Reichel Weiz as the Empress for Prince of Persia; warrior within movie in maybe 2013 or 2015 maybe.

  8. SPiRiT

    My research indicates that if their is a sequel (they’re hoping to make this into a series like Pirates of the Caribbean) it will not be based off Warrior Within, or Two Thrones.

  9. natlie

    OH yeah? well Spirit, they are making it into a Pirates of the Caribbean type series, because I found out a month ago before Christmas. Oh, and uh, one dumb question. Who’s the bad guy here, Nizam, or the new Vizier? I would like to know please.

  10. DK

    “Will Monica Belluci be in the movie” Was the empress in SOT? No and I hope it’s PG13. LAME SOT was the worst of all three and if they make sequels NOT based on Warrior within and the Two Thrones it will be the crappiest trilogy ever and yes i hope to god Jake Gyllenhaal has played the games!

  11. Dan

    It’s supposed to be sands of time, but from a clip i saw of the footage being reported on ET, it looks like his costume is from warrior within, a game I truly enjoyed, the best of the 3 was 2 thrones, followed by warrior within. But in all fairness SOT was good, but being a first of its kind struggled a bit, i thought with gameplay. if any of u get a chance, play the new prince of persia, and on hi def, its artistic atmosphere is mindblowing. On a final note, i do hope this is an 18A, even though that is not popular in this crowd, but i prefer a movie that may have a bit more blood, or a bit more gore, some sex, to see the awesome visuals that moviemakers can produce. sure its more grittier, and intense, but adds a touch of realism, if not overdone. you just cant tone out violence, its not right to shelter people from what is going on in this world today. if you watch a violent movie, it is not even close to the extreme of war. movie violence, in even some of the the more extreme movies does not even compare to real war.

  12. Darius

    Well… From what I have seen they should not have changed the Vizier’s Appearance and Then changed Farah’s name, to “Tamina” or whatever it was, and hopefully they don’t change the storyline of the sands of time…

  13. No Nama

    I hope jake Gyllenhaal played the video game before getting role as the Prince at the the movie.

  14. Tore

    Why change the princesses name!?
    I think Farah is a beautiful name, so i don’t get the point in changing it… Hope they don’t change much more :(

  15. natlie

    I agree Tore. I mean keep Farah’s name the same! (telling to the studios)

  16. Cail

    Just make sure that kid knows really the character of the prince. It will obviously have lots of visual effects and it will probably a hit. Try to make a survey

  17. Prince of Persia Fan

    I hope that this movie will have some of the same effects (or maybe better) like the movie “300”, because that is ideal graphics for a movie such as Prince of Persia. Well, that’s just my opinion.

  18. jj

    I hope that the sand of time version will complete to see soon as soon.

  19. pGomespWr

    wow… it will be hard to do all the things that prince can do… i hope that they don’t ruin the good fame of Prince of Persia… and can’t wait to see the movie… :P

  20. Daniel

    why aren’t there cheats!

  21. Wellz

    If i don’t see him run up or along the side of a wall, i just might kill somebody!

  22. Pichara

    you know guy i love the game and now there is a movie wowowo that’s cool.

  23. IcyOne

    Those of you who are hard core fans don’t get your hopes up at all because they pretty much changed the things that count.
    1. the prince has been changed from a prince to a street urchin who is taken in by the the king for his fighting skills & out of trust and places him as either a royal guard or as a soldier.
    2. the costume has been changed again now in an E! preview I saw him sitting on a camel with Tamina & he looked more like the new prince that just came out because he had the scarf, the jacket, & everything except the sword.

  24. Zaith

    The movie was supposed to come out in 2009, around now. They DELAYED it a year to allow for more time for post production, because a lot of the Pirate’s budget was lost in trying to push a hurried release. Also to avoid competition with other unnamed features opening this summer. The movie was never scheduled for 2011. I just thought that might give people confidence that they’re trying to make this movie as good as possible and that they are not in fact pushing it forward blindly. A minor, but comforting note:)

  25. mathew

    it will be super hit movie

  26. Adriana

    I just saw it at a screening and it was really awesome like the game!!! It does not even seem Disney at all

    oh yeah and there is a lot of running up the walls and all that good stuff!!! =)

  27. Revolutionary

    Although the movie’s name is Sands of Time, it will be different from that of the game. Jordon Mechner changed the story line to a more realistic one he said. Lets hope it will be good. Let it not be the fate of Tomb Raider.

  28. Roaylty

    I believe this will be good, even if it does not exactly follow the games plotline or storyline. I have played all three and if they were make it into a series, I hope the next one would be based off Warrior Within, because that was both a graphical masterpiece and an artistic one.