Prince of Persia Poster

Jake Gyllenhaal is the Prince of Persia in the upcoming movie adapted from the famous video game created by Jordan Mechner. Here below the first official poster of Prince of Persia:

Prince of Persia Movie Poster

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

“Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a 6th century prince of Persia who teams up with Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton) to rescue the Sands of Time, a gift from the gods that controls time, from the hands of the villainous nobleman, Nizam (Ben Kingsley).”

Jake Gyllenhaal looks great as the Prince Dastan, but I’d rather see him as the hero of an Assassin’s Creed movie (i bet there will be a film one day!), he definitely has the profile for it!

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