Public Enemies Trailer

Johnny Depp vs. Christian Bale - Public EnemiesJohnny Depp’s career may have started with the role of a cop in 21 Jump Street, but it seems that ditch this early character for more villainous roles afterward: being a pirate in POTC, a serial killer in Sweeney Todd. He confirms his interest for dark characters in Public Enemies in which he plays the role of John Dillinger the gangster from the 1930s. Here below the first official trailer of Public Enemies:

Public Enemies Movie Trailer

Christian Bale on the other hand sticks to to the lawful side with roles like Batman, John Connor in Terminator, and FBI Agent Purvis in Public Enemies.

That’s probably why Johnny Depp is way better than Christian Bale!

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  1. ndm

    Boy, you got that right. Johnny is the BEST! Much better actor than Christian. I’ve been waiting for this film. Can’t wait!