Quantum of Solace Clip

The eye in Quantum of Solace - James Bond

The promotion of Quantum of Solace the upcoming James Bond movie is really gearing up, with Quantum of Solace clips popping up all over the Internet. Here below the latest Quantum of Solace clips:

Quantum of Solace Preview Clips

Using communication earpieces James Bond is eavesdropping a conversation between the members of mysterious organisation Quantum, led by Mathieu Amalric’s businessman Dominic Greene, have chosen an outdoor production of Tosca for a secret meeting.

That’s a Quantum of Solace scene with a lot of symbols. Like the eye: a recurrent theme in James Bond movies.

Here another clip of Quantum of Solace:

CIA agent Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) is asked to kill Bond (Daniel Craig).

Easy to kill James Bond??? Wishful thinking!

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