Quantum of Solace Full Length Trailer

Quantum of Solace

Here below the full length trailer of Quantum of Solace with Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond aka Agent 007:

Quantum of Solace Official Trailer

Is Quantum of Solace still a James Bond movie? Does not feel like… It’s for sure a spy / action movie, but how does this movie differ from others, like the Bourne movies for example?

Also the fact that Daniel Craig looks like Vladimir Putin makes me really regret the time of Pierce Brosnan.

Amyway, Quantum of Solace will be entertaining, even if I doubt it will blow us away judging from this QoS trailer.

6 Responses - “Quantum of Solace Full Length Trailer”

  1. Gema

    This make us satisfy
    After so long we haven’t seen a masterpiece movie

  2. adewusi olusegun

    I think it was a masterpiece culled but unfinished from the novel “ON HER MAJESTY`S SECRET SERVICE” !

  3. jorge

    Great site for James Bond Fanatics!

  4. caryn

    i love mr.bond so much!

  5. Steph

    I love Daniel Craig!

  6. Haad Khan

    Simply great movie. The opening scene was just fabulous. I don’t know why people don’t like it but for me it was wonderful. Craig has done a great job and full justice to the movie. An action-packed thriller. I Just love it.
    But they could have done with a rather more beautiful actress instead of Olga.
    All in all: 9/10