Rapturepalooza Movie Trailer

Rapturepalooza is an upcoming fantasy comedy movie directed by Paul Middleditch based on a script by Chris Matheson. Here’s the official movie trailer of Rapturepalooza:

“Two friends battle their way through a religious apocalypse on a mission to defeat the Antichrist.”

Ever dreamed of zapping Jesus Christ with a laser beam? Anyway, do you like the film? Or do you feel like it’s blasphemous? And what do you think about the Anti-Christ being black?

The film is starring Anna Kendrick, John Francis, Craig Robinso, Ken Jeong and Rob Corddry. The release date of Rapturelooza is set for May 10, 2013.

One Response - “Rapturepalooza Movie Trailer”

  1. xino

    it doesn’t matter.
    in the end, people will laugh at this and when it actually happens, their laughing will turn to mourning and weeping.
    (added extra gnashing of teeth:P)