Reach Me Movie Trailer

We’ve got our hands on the trailer of Reach Me, the upcoming drama movie written and directed by John Herzfeld and starring Cary Elwes, Sylvester Stallone (yep the Italian stallion!), Terry Crews, Thomas Jane, Tom Sizemore, Lauren Cohan, rapper Nelly, Kevin Connolly, Kyra Sedgwick, Kelsey Grammer, Ryan Kwanten and Tom Berenger:

“A comedy/drama centered on a group of people who all have a connection to a self-help book authored by a reclusive former football coach.”

Not sure what to think of this film… And why is Sylvester Stallone starring in it? I’d rather watch him in The Expendables 3!

The release date of Reach Me is set to October 24, 2014.

One Response - “Reach Me Movie Trailer”

  1. jennifer

    not a bad movie