ReBoot MovieReBoot
Genre: Science-Fiction/Animation
Directed by:
Release Date: TBA 2010

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One Response - “ReBoot”

  1. remieres

    the story led you to understand that this was not a reality on some planet. it was an older supercomputer before the web ( untill the 3rd season I believe) the User was some force according to the inhabitants (data) Megabite (BTW never finished him off when he became black and think it was Gigabite or soemthing) and bob came from the net (pre web term for small circuit system) the User is actually a human outside the computer creating games for what seams like deathly pleasure and motive to destroy mainframe. Kind of like Tron.

    If anyone makes an action film for this with the idea that its on some future planet somewhere I’d be extremely frustrated and disappointed.