RED 3 Movie

RED 2, the upcoming sequel to the action comedy movie RED, hasn’t been released yet, but Summit Entertainment is already working on RED 3 (Retired and Extremely Dangerous 3). I guess they really don’t want Bruce Willis to retire!

Scriptwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber, who wrote the scripts of the first two movies, have signed on to pen a script for RED 3.

Let’s watch again the trailer of RED:


And the trailer of the sequel RED 2:


Well let’s hope that Helen Mirren and John Malkovich will reprise their roles along Bruce Willis in the third RED movie! Because they make for a hell of a funny team together!

Do you have any suggestion regarding the plot of RED 3? Where will the action take place this time around?

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about the movie RED 3.

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  1. sf

    Have Bruce Willis’ love interest have his baby!

  2. Wilba Soffes

    See if Marvin can find a girlfriend.

    What if Marvin finds out he has a daughter who is in their kind if work!

    • LaNell

      @Wilba: That would be good! During all those years as a LSD guinea pig (that’s why he likes pigs?) anything could have happened. I’ll be giving thought to the perfect casting for that role.

      @Susan: Me too… I’ve watched them repeatedly and try to do so with friends unfamiliar with it.
      Catch something funny I missed before. Every time.

      @Scott: Stage four cancer and a bullet. That would take creative writing.

      @Hope: Not for me.

  3. susan cole

    I love red 1&2 and can’t wait for red 3.
    I watch them over and over again . I buy the movies. But watching red2 on hmo cable TV while they have it .

    I love Bruce Willis , his movies are the greatest ! I watch them over and over again. All the actors are wonderful .
    Susan cole

  4. Mark Kaiser

    How about making RED3 about Bruce’s and crew solving crimes from the passed of old mobster from Amercia an Italy for the CIA, an bring back some old mob actors. Sound like fun, what do you think?

  5. Scott

    Bring back Morgan Freeman as Joe Mathison. That would put a twist in it

  6. Joan wright

    When will Red 3 be released?

  7. Hope

    What about Marvin with a past he wants to forget, but his powerful ex not only is still in love with him, but has kept their tweens (girls) in secret, until the sexy and smartest one seduces Bruce and that’s how it starts. The other one is the sweetest one and gets crazy about the hitman from Japan and she is used by him in order to kill her mother who is the most powerful and the one people ære so scared of. Mervin is also in love with her and because of his daughters he and Bruce have to fight crazy Italian mobs AND the hitman from Japan, who again ends up helping Bruce. OF COURSE another sexy Italian girl from Bruce’s past is AGAIN the problem between Bruce and his now fiancé who gives him an ultimatum and has to marry her. La sorpresa es que la inglesa esta enamoradisima de Marvin. Al final, M

  8. victoria

    Do not change anyone at all ever because they are awesome!

  9. Donna

    I Think RED 3 should focus on Sara’s family.Making the discovery her family is involved in national double espionage.

  10. Slick

    just do your stuff, surprise us, a lil bit of a spice ingredient I’ll name Dolph Lundrgren wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  11. Chris

    I have searched many databases and have found no evidence that any of the actors have been filming Red: 3 The writers of Red 1 and 2 also are not credited with writing a third installment. :C

  12. layne

    Love all red can’t wait for 3 hope all are in this one

  13. Alphons

    when will it be released? Cant wait to see it

  14. Doug

    Can’t wait for red 3. Hope they get the original cast members. Loved and own 1&2

  15. Eliza

    Please please tell me Red 3 is on schedule & we can add it to our fav movies along with Red & Red 2.

  16. glen spencer

    would like to see MR FREEMAN back in action, great tone @ voice ! also MRS MIRREN slightley fighting in a night gown, with her combat boots on !, a woman for marvin , a like marvin , yet dont trust each other, maybe nipping at eachother ?

  17. Ctowndon

    Use the end of #2 and place it in Mexico, the baby would be a nice touch. That will make her more involved with the action on killing someone. Yes bring Morgan Freeman back.

  18. M.E.

    Red 3 needs to somehow pass thru or involve Las Vegas and Area 51….

  19. L Douglas

    I think another Red should be made, the first 2, were Great.


    I hope they make Red 3 because they are the greatest action pictures with Mr Willis in them ever!!!!! it would be good if they bring back Mr Freeman back he adds that bit of class,so please let the writers already penned Red 3!!!

  21. wizard of ahs

    DIDN’T release as scheduled on 12/2/16…………
    When WILL it release ?????

  22. Skip Williams

    I cant wait for Red 3 please hurry and releast number 3 ,,,,,,, number 1 and 2 were out of sight what happen to 12/02/16 was it not suppose to be out already, come on guys get with it. PS see if you can get Morgan Freeman back.

  23. Rocky Pierce

    Still waiting on the release of RED 3. What’s up with that?

  24. Barbara Hopkins

    Yes, looking for the release of Red 3, 12/2/16 has come and gone. All these actors have great chemistry, I think that is what makes them such great movies!!!!

  25. Vance James

    No Red 3. Boycott Lionsgate.

  26. Will

    Everyone’s suggestions (above) were great and I second them.
    Maybe have Karl Urban be a friend of Bruce Willis in this sequel.
    International settings are good.
    The comedy of John Malkovich is priceless!
    And we love Helen Mirren. Maybe Helen Mirren can have a weekend with Brian Cox but “work” keeps getting in the way (and the rest of the gang show up…) ;)

    Please have a Red 3, 4,… ;)
    Thank you kindly, in advance. :)

  27. Vinnie

    They could start it in Chicago/ elgin/Belvidere/ rockford area And work through the southern Wisconsin area
    Work their way South i would even loan my vehicles so they can carry all their equipment (cannons, Heavy fire arms and etc,) not only is Bruce Willis a good actor but he is also a very good singer/musician.
    The rest of the crew was awesome too!

  28. nancie s marsh

    I CANNOT WAIT FOR RED 3 to come out watch red1&2 all the time own them please keep the same cast HURRY UP

  29. Jack

    There’s been talk of a Red 3 for years. If there was going to be one then it would of been out by now. Might as well get used to being disappointed cause from what I see it’s all talk and no go for Red 3. I’m sure they’ve spent all the money they’ve made off of the other two by now. What a shame…

  30. Corinna

    I love the RED movie series so excited and can hardly wait for RED 3. Love the entire cast Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Miren, Mary Louise Parker etc… please hurry it’s been too long.

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