Red Movie Trailer

Red MovieBruce Willis got the lead role in Red, a live-action movie adaptation of the DC Comics graphic novel of the same name by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. The film is directed by Robert Schwentke. Their take on Red is an action comedy movie. Here below the first official movie trailer of Red:

Red Trailer

“Red is the story of Frank Moses (Willis), a former black-ops CIA agent, who is now living a quiet life. That is, until the day a hi-tech assassin shows up intent on killing him. With his identity compromised and the life of the woman he cares for, Sarah (Parker), endangered, Frank reassembles his old team (Freeman, Malkovich and Mirren) in a last ditch effort to survive.”

It shouldn’t, but it kind of reminds me of the movie Burn After Reading… Well the movie Red looks decent, not sure it’s going to be a hit though…

The movie Red will be released on October 15, 2010.

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  1. nesohawkins

    cool! ;D