Regression Movie Trailer

A new full-length trailer of Regression, the upcoming thriller movie starring Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson, has shown up online:


Fear always finds its victim!

“Set in Minnesota in the 1980s, Regression tells the story of a man who is arrested and accused of having abused his daughter. Although he doesn’t remember anything from the event, he pleads guilty. With the help of a psychologist, he’ll relive those moments and eventually accuse a policeman of having participated in the crime. Meanwhile, the local media hints the possibility that everything could have been a satanic cult’s doing.”

Great cast and interesting story: sign me up for Regression!

Anyway, there’s also a new character poster, it features Actress Emma Watson:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Regression new Poster

Release date: August 28, 2015.

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