Rendel Movie Trailer

Rendel MovieCheck out the official trailer of Rendel, the upcoming Finnish action fantasy superhero movie directed by Jesse Haaja based on a script he co-wrote with Pekka Lehtosaari, Miika J. Norvanto, and Timo Puustinen and starring Kristofer Gummerus, Matti Onnismaa, Alina Tomnikov, Rami Rusinen, Minttu Tamski, Aake Kalliala, and Renne Korppila:


In a land of corruption and greed where sin is a way of life,
vengeance will take a stand!

Plot synopsis:
“The story of Rendel takes place in the fictionalized version of a Finnish city, Mikkeli. It’s the story of a man blinded by his desire for revenge and hatred, a Finnish superhero, a masked vigilante who seeks for revenge and fights against VALA, a huge criminal organization.”

There are also a few posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)


Revenge begets revenge.

A film by Jesse Haaja.

And additional character posters:

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I do dig Scandinavian superheroes, am already fond of Ant-Boy and I definitely can’t wait to see Rendel in action!

The release date of the movie Rendel is set to September 8, 2017 in Finland.

Stay tuned with us for more details.

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