Resident Evil 4 Movie

Resident Evil 4 MovieZombie slayer Alice (Milla Jovovich) will be back for a fourth installment of Resident Evil! Paul W.S. Anderson is indeed damn decided to produce the Resident Evil 4, aka Resident Evil Afterlife (or Biohazard Afterlife in Japan). Filming is scheduled to start this fall 2009. So it should be released during the second half of 2010.

More information at: Resident Evil 4 Movie Trailer

The story of Resident Evil 4 should take place in Tokyo in Japan and in Alaska (with Toronto standing in for Alaska, is guess that even with the crisis it still cheaper to film in canada…). Patrick Tatopoulos will return and be in charge of the creature effects while Michael Lantieri will be the new Special FX supervisor (in terms of the practical effects).

Bloody disgusting scenes of zombies feasting on human bodies ahead for sure! But I hope that Resident Evil 4 will find a better balance between pure action and plot…

Anyway I’ll still enjoy watching Alice (Milla Jovovich) smashing crazy bloodthirsty zombies in the movie Resident Evil 4!

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  1. CaroHansen

    Although I deeply respect and admire Milla’s work as an actress, I (as most fans of the videogame do) find myself very disappointed by the way that the original plot of the game has been dissected and annihilated to be turned into a not so loyal story that should be named differently since it has nothing to do with the plot in the games. It’d be quite nice to recognize not only sequences and physical similarities of some characters (especially the monsters, by the way, Nemesis was absolutely great job–Only on the outside, though) but also that the plot would coincide more with what the fans have been playing with since the first game was ever released. Yes, it’s hard to follow the plot exactly, but plots are good enough to keep most of them, there was no need to just take some of the elements and change the story completely and then sell it to the world under the name of a completely different thing than what the fans of the game have been playing for nearly 2 decades now. Movies are good, I’m not saying otherwise. They just shouldn’t be named after a videogame which plot was not respected. Just a thought, no offense to anyone.

  2. Vangrant

    I agree with Caro Hansen even the movie is good and cool it doesn’t have anything to do with the games story, honestly they should finished with the 3 or the 2 because the story even if good is full of crap and the game storyline is better…
    Honestly I hope they don’t ruin Wesker Personage because it is the best Villain ever and I don’t see who’s gonna help Alice in the movie Resident Evil 4 to get to Japan and have a army of thousands Alices is big crap……

    Long live RE (game) series….

  3. aaron

    I agree with you guys but you can’t say the movies have nothing to do with the games as there is still some keys players from the game in the movies eg Claire Redfield and Albert Wesker

  4. almoose

    yeh but come on an army of alices with super powers i can’t wait!

  5. Bind

    I agree the it s*cks that the movies don’t follow the original video game plot but you have to remember the video games had a lot of time to give you that story as well as having you interact with the game. You can’t just copy and paste a video game story into a movie the thing would be way to long and have too many boss fights. That’s why every video game to movie adaptation is different than the game. The truth is you just can’t fit that great story into two hours. Movies will never be as good as the sources they come from.

  6. wezl

    I don’t know if any one has said this but resident evil was a book before it was anything and although i haven’t read the book i think that’s the path that the movie is following.

  7. jake

    omfg stfu and stfd it’s not supposed to be based exactly on the way the games were made cuz if it was i gurante it would be stupid as hell cuz how many times did they change the main chrecter of the game it was supposed to have a main charecter so it wouldn’t as confusing as the games so STFU AND STFD

  8. Ic3

    I have to agree with jake on this one to be honest the only resident evil GAME i got into was 4, dunno but at any rate the resident evil game series barely follows itself i mean the main character does keep changing. At least the movie has the same one. Though i do give the game credit it intertwines everyones role pretty well. I do agree also with the person that said there would be too many boss battles to incorporate in a movie without making the movie 20 hours long. At Any rate i look forward to RE4 afterlife and RE5 the game… when i get money for a 360 or PS3 lol Oh as a side note the CG Degeneration was sweet as hell

  9. Andy

    hey. i cant wait for the new resident evil. i love the films. the second 1 is the best, (nemesis).

  10. suzy

    in reply to wezl…

    the game was actually the product of what happens when you take the games Sweet Home and Alone in the Dark and throw in zombies and bad acting, i think the book was based off of the game actually:

    see resident evil retrospective by one of those game websites

    anywho, why can’t they end the story with the third movie and let the viewers fill in the pieces. honestly ever since the movies went to the Matrix by means of alice getting super human powers, the games have tanked. don’t get me wrong i love Re4 go Leon and all, but the whole thing in the game where he is all DODGE THE LAZERS WOOSH! c’mon? who can do that in real life, i’d like to see. weren’t the games always about survival? not oh geese how many times can we go into bullet time… let’s count!!! it was probably why Resident Evil 5 s*cked out loud. and i hate saying this but i agree with Shadow Leggy you hate seeing a series that you’ve grown up with go into the Matrix and the only real culprit i can think of is that because the movies screwed with the game too much, the game is influenced to be as un-average joe and lame as possible. great going movies… you gave our beloved series an STD, an STD by name of the Matrix sequels 2 and 3.

    on a lighter note, it would be really cool to see Jensen Ackles as Leon Kennedy and here’s and idea,

    make Resident Evil 4 [the game] its own movie?

    sure that whole crap about how Jill got leon dead in the second one.. how many people actually noticed that?

    and an RE4 movie would be freaking scary if the director slash wrote actually played the game, made notes about key story and then go from there. just a suggestion.

    sorry about the rant.. kinda got started on a really cool game getting jacked by Hollywood.

  11. Flip

    Think about his – Resident Evil: Degeneration is not based on the game at all, so it shows that all in all, movies don’t follow the game stories lines. Tomb Raider and some other titles that slip my mind are some of the examples.

  12. Jonathanontheworld

    I’m a giant fan of the Game series resident evil but the movies really shouldn’t be called resident evil although they have the same concept the storyline isn’t there :( but the movies are still good even for people who haven’t experienced the games

  13. rashad

    well i guess the game and the movie both are good and i see no harm in enjoying both

  14. kushhustler

    Fag, resident evil degeneration perfectly fits in the story. it’s after resident evil 4 but before resident evil 5

  15. bsw

    come on people! its a movie not a game, just because it has the same title does not mean its going to be the exact freaking same thing, everyones game experience is different, you cant really have that with a movie now can you??? No because everyone watches the same freaking movie. Plus what director wants to get famous by making a carbon copy of a game? There is no challenge in that, I cant wait for the next movie, because that’s what it is, a movie! not a game

  16. brittany

    well i think yall are just HATERS because that’s a badass movie! besides the actress was good. So stop your hating and get a damn life!

  17. Snipe420

    see this is what hollywood does they take what we love and they turn it around and create new shit in the way they want it to look and thats BS i dont think this is resident evil i dont consider this resident evil i consider these movies a cheap knock off of the video game if you read resident evil extinction the book it talks about jill and how she saw zombies in the woods while hiking she never went to a mansion and in the book claire says that her brother was never a cop nor in the milatary which he was in the air force and she also says that she hasnt ever been to racoon city and why wasnt leon or claire in resident evil huh why did they change mikhail’s name to uri

  18. Stephanie Parr

    I enjoyed these movies alot the one thing that annoyed me is in the second one nemesis the unbeatable monster was left pinned and whining almost dead, and yeah i know it was supposed to show how strong Alice is, it completely rejects the game and it just annoys me so much.

  19. jason

    come on guys if the films followed the game plot then there would be no point in seeing them it’s not rocket science, besides i personally prefer the film plots because Alice is my fave and it would be great if you could use Alice in the games, but one thing about the films that doesn’t work is nemesis, i mean throughout the film he was great but he turned good what’s that all about and on top of that he only said S.T.A.R.S once in the film! lol

  20. Lisa

    The games are awesome, the movies are SH*T. bad acting, crappy plot, Milla Jovovich looks like a 12 years old boy. I can honestly say the cut scenes in Resident evil 5 (the game obviously) have better substance and cooler characters. I don’t wanna come off sounding like the Coen brothers with my view on the movies but damn! that is wack! the movies should have stopped long ago if they were going to butcher the games that way. No chris, no leon, terrible wesker… blegh!
    Easy Cheez for President!

  21. Astaroth

    Hey, I’m playing RE4 (the game) right now, and I can honestly say that as cool as a film based off of it would be, it just can’t happen. RE4 has too many plot twists to fit properly into two hours. I mean, there’s only so many times a person can watch Ashley get kidnapped and saved by Leon before they start screaming, “Where’s the variety? Where’s the big kicker?” And that’s why the movies can’t follow the plots of the game. Movie watchers and gamers are totally different breeds of people. Whereas gamers love meeting the same enemy over and over again, movie watchers need a new enemy every hour.
    Besides, the movies included too many elements from the games (T-virus, Umbrella Corp, and the entire RE3 crew) to not be called Resident Evil. The ONLY (and I stress ONLY) difference is Alice. She caused a lot of new plot twists and interesting directions. In point of fact, Alice is basically Lisa Trevor without the physical mutations. So it’s still RE, just a different take. I personally can’t wait until RE4 (the movie). Should be good. Not as good as the games, but good to watch. And that’s the point of a film.

  22. JMac

    God damn you fu(%!^ haters really have to be like this don’t you just cry cry cry because you want the movies to be like the games shut the f*ck up. Why make The movies like the games no one would ever go and see them. Then what money is lost the games stop coming out then you all will start crying about how you wish they didn’t make that movies that played off the story in the games. come on grow up you damn babies the games and movies are separate for a reason…

  23. rachel

    I am a big fan of the games but it would be hard to put a game into a story line. Doom another game i liked also didn’t follow the story line that well in its movie. Sometimes it just cant happen. Its better to change it and see it from a different perspective and they did a good job with that. I love the Resident Evil movies and Alice’s character makes it more interesting

  24. Idorenyin

    I love Milla Jovovitch and Resident Evil is a must watch. I can’t wait to watch Resident Evil Afterlife.

  25. Ziggy

    For the people who posted earlier, each of the games do follow each other! Yes, the characters do change in each of the games, but its based on certain characters that will continue throughout the series and with story lines that all intertwine…As for the movies, I really did love the first one, but the second and third movie really did dropped the ball I think. The directors could have tried to keep the story lines similar and make everything seem like they were pieces of a story that werent mentioned in the games…last thing is, the third movie really sucked…They killed off a great character Carlos O.!!! and wtf happened to the story line in the 3rd movie??? I mean, the whole world is destroyed now, and how did that happen so fast! blah 3rd movie, hope for everyones sake that the 4th movie is great just because I really like mila, but an army of powerful women with powers just sounds like a screw up of another sci-fi movie. Im sure people will disagree with me, but i just wanted to say my two-sense worth…

  26. jhale

    I would have gone to see a movie that was pretty much the first game turned live action. It was suspenseful, and scary as hell. I could just imagine Jill or Chris opening that door to the hallway and coming in contact with that first zombie feasting on one of their comrades. Now of course all the puzzles and clues couldn’t fit into the movie, and yeah, would have made it pretty dull, but there was enough action in the game just inside the mansion and the surrounding buildings to make a great movie. All the zombies, the dogs, the plant, the snake, and the subplot with Wesker being the bad guy would have made for great entertainment. Adding a character or two, or maybe even another bad guy or going the route of the book would have made for a great, and faithful enough movie that the fans of the games would have been satisfied. I would have even been ok with the movie had they kept the characters from the game.

  27. Honeybuns

    i don’t give a dam if the Resident Evil movies follow the game or not! The movie is fun to watch and that’s all i care about!

  28. daviemuk

    I think the movies is good all 3 of them but i don’t agree or disagree with the storyline resembling the game. it would be nice to have a few twists for Alice (Milla) but would also be really good to have old characters back like Jill (Sienna), Claire (Ali), Angie (Sophie), and to have at least 2 villains that Alice, Jill, Claire, Angie has to take on. Even though Leon (Jensen) is supposedly in this next movie it would be good to see a little less “superpowerness” from Alice and more action sword/gun fighting from the characters and a lot more gore (even for the villains to have more of a fighting spirit a bit like nemesis). so yea just in general it would be good to see something more like RE1 and RE2 with the action and suspense rather as have Alice with all this “superpowers” that owns everything in a oner!.

  29. Pnoykalbo

    Army of Alices!! Yeah Boiyeeee! Then one Alice got bitten, even though the original Alice is immune to Tvirus, the clones might not be immuned to TVirus… the product will be Army of Alice Zombies!! Super Zombies Indeed! That will be so great to watch!

  30. Resident-Wesker

    To start off Resident Evil is a video game. The movies took from the games then name, dignity and a couple of characters to discredit with Milla Jovovich. THE WORST CHARACTER TO BE MADE!!! She cannot be stopped, she has no weaknesses (anymore) and she is now a Stupid superhero. If you are going to make a movie to take after the games then use actual characters , with the actual story even if you change a few minor things to be independent. If they followed the games then there is no reason that any fan of the games wouldn’t go and see them, it would be a better experience for the gamer and it would be a better movie. Now for those of you who have not played the games i suggest playing them so you have some actual ammo to throw at me not some petty ridiculous excuse of a comeback of dirty language and threats. play the games and get a brain!!!!

  31. Facebook User

    First of all the books are after the game.. Second Hollywood butchered the game franchise. They should have stuck to the plot and kept it how it is, it’s scary enough , suspensfull enough and better than all 3 films!

  32. JMac

    Look if you try to use the games as a base then no one will go see the movies cause they would feel that it is taking from the games After a while they are going to run out of story lines for the games. And to Make the movies after the games then people will know what is going to happen in the games before they come out then anyone that does go and see them movies will not go out and buy the games and play them to find out what is going to happen. Any ways you all know that they are not going to let RE4 end with Alice keeping them powers or even living

  33. steve-O

    i dont agree with jmac because the movie would have been made after the game has already came out. if they did make the movie after resident evil 4 the game… the game has been out for a while now so a movie would be pretty cool to see.

  34. Marcus B

    Ok people, i can tell you that no movie will ever be like the game and no game will ever be like the movie. If you take any game and make it into a movie, it will be WAAAYYYY to long. If you take any movie and turn it into a game then the game will be way to short. The only option is to make changes to the story or make your own. Its called takeing an idea and makeing it your own. Just relax and get rid of any notion that anything will be similar. Really, quit hateing and just take it as it is. Enjoy the movie, then go enjoy the game.

  35. Resident-Wesker

    Well actually they could edit it down and keep the stories closer than they do. For them to take the idea would mean that they would need to change the name then. If the idea was all they took. but they make it like the game; keep the name but make drastic changes, which anger the fans such as myself. so if they take the idea they should make a name for themselves and stop destroying the games reputation.

  36. Joanna Patrick

    Umm… they did make a Resident Evil movie based off of the game. Instead of it being all real people though it’s animated, and if you really want something that deals with the game itself, then go watch it. I’ve played the games and watched the movies, and the movie from the game is Resident Evil 5 Degeneration. It’s got good quality too, and it has Leon and Claire and some other people. I believe that is probably the closest it will get to the game and if you get the chance, watch it on surround sound. Sure it’s pretty loud and all but I liked it.

  37. Resident-Wesker

    Yes i know that they did make the movie Resident Evil – Degeneration sorry it wasn’t five though. I own it myself; love it. i am talking of course about the real life character movies though, they need to change the name if they took the idea and made it their own. It’s not hard to come up with a new name for your own movie and at least it would show that they are a bit creative enough to come up with something of their own.

  38. Dankalo

    It actually would be possible to turn the games into movies. They don’t have to be one continuous take for 20 hours. After taking out all the puzzles and super long trips through the mansion or through the city or through a village, a castle and an Island, then you have four seperate two hour movies. No changing of characters and no changing of story. I’m not saying the movies were bad, personally I thought they were pretty cool (especially the first one) but I’m a huge Resident Evil fan and a hardcore gamer and I would like to see movies that followed the games perfectly, you know, without the puzzles and long trecks across distances, of course.

  39. Dankalo

    Oh, and it would be pretty cool if they were CG animated.

  40. jeffyyy

    Astaroth really does know whats up…i completely agree with you

  41. FanMan

    I love both; the games and the movies, even though they are so far apart. It’d be like the game Dead Rising being called Dawn of the Dead… But all in all, I think not completely following the game gives people who’ve played the games a new perspective on the franchise. I don’t think I’d like watching the same exact thing I spent 20 hours trying to complete.. It’s still Resident Evil, just with a little extra thrown in to make it watchable. They did a good job of mixing game elements with hollywood pizzaz. A game you get to play, and experience. And a movie, well, some of that awesomeness gets lost in translation when you aren’t the one in control of the character’s actions.

  42. czar

    i so wanna see baby zombies on the next sequel of resident evil..i wanna see a pregnant zombie woman with her fetus zombie scratching out of her torso…errrnkz.

  43. Chris

    Okay, for starters, I want to say that all of your idiots who say “Omg RE5 was a Matrix rip-off,” shut the f**k up and sit the f**k down. Wekser has been able to dodge bullets since the first RE game which was released in 1996. The first Matrix movie was released in 1999, a whole three years later.

    Now who ripped off who? Alice, who is only in the movies, to me seems to be the good version of Wesker. Complete with the bullet-dodging super human strength and speed. As for those of you who say that the movies suck, I somewhat agree.

    While the movies don’t follow the story line of the games, I feel that they were made to bring the series to the general public. Yes, the games have different main characters most of the time, but it allows for the plays to see the different sides of the plot from different points of view.

    Also, it would have been difficult to have put the game into movie form, yes, but that’s not the only problem. Fan-boys and fan-girls alike would have complained upon hours on end about how the actors and actresses that the director chose to play the characters didn’t fit the role or how they got the timing off on the appearance of a particular boss. Or about how the voice is different of the guns aren’t the same.

    Then the rest of the world would have complained about how fake the movie was. Of course, this is all just IMHO.

  44. Sci-Fi Movies

    I like all three Resident Evil movies. The first was good, the second was the best and third one was ok. I am looking forward to Resident Evil 4. I hope Milla Jovovich will be back, it would not be RE anymore without her.

  45. Joanna Patrick

    But wouldn’t they have to keep the name from the video games and the movie the same since the creators of the movies would have to give the games and every other thing that remotely relates to them credit for getting the ideas from the games and other things?
    What if that’s the reason why they don’t vary the names between them? Aren’t you supposed to give credit to the original creator?

  46. Rebecca Renae Lenz

    okay! This is so f***ing retarded guys! Its a movie! Its not a game. All Movies will be some kind of knock off to a game or a book or some s**t. It doesn’t matter whether its one or the other r if it follows. Unless people decide to sit in a theater for 4 or 5 f***ing hours, there will never b some d**n movie that follows the book or the f***ing game… this is retarded for ya’ll to be saying something so stupid. If you didn’t like the movies then STFU! It doesn’t matter. The games are great! The Movies are great. So is the book but what does it matter. Everybody has there own opinion. It would be considered f***ing copyrighting any way. You can’t sopy s**t with out going to jail idiots. Nothing will ever go like a game or book or whatever it is that you are wanting because everyone wants to make the stupid movie better! Jeez! STFU already and get a new topic!

  47. RandomSchmoe

    In reply to chris about the matrix rip-off comment.

    In the original RE, Wesker was “not” able to dodge bullets, infact, he was so incredibly human in his speed that he couldn’t even dodge an onerously slow claw slash from the tyrant (although his infection did apparantly allow him to survive it). Also, unless my memory is going bad, Wesker does not make another personal appearance in any RE game again until Code Veronica was released for the dreamcast in 2000, a year after the matrix was released. In that installment of RE, Wesker was now capable of dodging bullets, and has been ever since.

    Now in a mild attempt to defend your comment, Wesker may have been able to dodge bullets in the game cube remake of the original RE (never personally played it), but that wasn’t released until 2002. So yes, as in many other games (max payne and a long list of other games), they jacked the bullet dodging from the Matrix.

  48. Michael Anderson

    I have read most of the comments on this page, and I can understand how some of you people feel. I myself am a hardcore gamer, and know 99.7% of everything that has to do with the Resident Evil game series. I absolutely love the game. It was a major pain for me when the Resident Evil movies showed their face. I love a good zombie movie, but not when it licks balls.

    The Resident Evil series is about the BASIC main characters Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Leon S. Kennedy (Meeesteeer Keeenedeee)… the BASICS. NOT some random chick named Alice. When the people say “Resident Evil Move” ‘Im expecting a movie of RESIDENT EVIL, and only RESIDENT EVIL! The first Resident Evil movie should portray the first Resident Evil game, as well as its concepts. That goes for the 2nd, 3rd, and now apparently 4th.

    Right now, Resident Evil 4(movie) is about the retarded Umbrella project Alice, and an entire army full of them at that, going to take down umbrella and “Chairman Wesker”. DENIED! Resident Evil 4(game) Takes place 4 years after the R.City outbreak, carrying on the story line of Leon Scott Kennedy as he saves the president’s annoying daughter from a bunch of spain-amobobs. SO THATS WHAT I WANT TO SEE!!!!!!!!!

    Next, the whole Wesker deal…Wesker first popped his collar in the first Resident Evil game, AND he was taking the role of a back-stabber with plans to overthrow Umbrella. In the movies, however, hes a stuck-up douche, who sits behind a desk and barks orders like a dictator in the form of a holo-thingy. He just now showed up in the third film. WTF???? NO. Wesker is the definition of awesome. He has super strength, dodge bulletes (I will get to that) , yadda yadda…and still has time to be a swauve, uber YES-man*(please see very bottom)…

    About the whole bullet dodge thing, and the Matrix…No, Wesker has not been able to dodge bullets from the first game. As RandomSchmoe puts it “…he couldn’t even dodge the onerously slow claw slash from the tyrant” (Very nice way of putting it). Yes, The Matrix most likely had something to do with the bullet thing. And NO, Wesker does not have a little Umbrella pin tagged to his jacket, as seen in the most recent RE film. Despite weather The Matrix was inspiration for Wesker’s talent, or not, Wesker can dodge bullets. Personally, I think It is because, after years of having the virus run through his body, Wesker has pretty much gotten all of the controls of what to do with his new power. NO, he didn’t turn into a tyrant as we all know, he just turned into a half-nude guy with uroboros-arms. And that was not even until Resident Evil 5.

    SO,…I dont like the Resident Evil movies because they mix up, flip around, and completely ruin the storyline of the game it trys to portray. For example, In Resident Evil: Extinction, Claire Redfield and Carlos Olivera are partners. Claire made her firt shine in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, as well as Carlos made his in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. See my point? I only watch them to see what retarded stuff comes up next. If your going to make a movie about a game, make it about THE GAME!

    If you have not seen any on the Resident Evil films, nor played the games, and you want to know wich side is better, I recommend the actual game series. Yes, each of the games sequels changes points of views on the story, but the point is, its still the same story just at differant view-points. The series is filled with hang-ups, surprises, and is just an all-over fun game to play…However, If you prefer the movies, that’s fine by me. I’m just showing my opinion on things. If you thing Resident Evil is best seen starring Milla Jovovich (OMG HOT. I drew her. Pic at the bottom of the comment) playing as a human fighting project, then go ahead and watch your crappy films. If your somebody who shares the same views as me, and believes the Resident Evil movies should be about the actual games, like the books, then trust me….I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

    Below the Milla Jovovich sketch I drew and an explanation to the ‘Yes-Man’ mistake:

    1.) * I apologize to those who have been mislead by my “Wesker is a Yes-man” thing. My friend, Alex and I share the idea that if something is awesome, amazing, or just mad props to the hood yo, then we call it a “YES” or “it =” meaning “It equals”. Wesker is all of the above wich makes him a Yes-man. If you come across something as rare as the most epic thing on the planet, than it is referred to as “It = YES”. This has nothing to do with the 2008 film starring Jim Carrey…lol.

    Milla Jovovich Sketch by me:

  49. Mr Moore

    look if they had made a Resident Evil movie based on the game it would have bombed they got lucky with the 2nd movie i’m glad that
    they did not make the movie a carbon copy i like seeing the different story`s in the movie`s versus the games ive played
    the games why would i want to see it on a move. they copied doom and it s**ked.

  50. Michael Anderson

    I understand what you mean, but what Im trying to say is If your going to make a movie about a game then do so. I would not mind if they stuck with Alice as an ALTERNATE storyline, but still stayed true to the basic story, Its just the fact that the movies are all flipped around. I want them to make up their own Resident Evil story, similar to Resident Evil: Breakout. The game was the same story, but did not tie in with the original storyline. That is what I like. SO if they made a movie about Alice and her own RE story, that’s fine. Just leave the characters from the original games out of it.

    BTW, the DOOM movie did s**k. MAJOR S**KED. But then again. It was kinda off from the games facts. There were no alien viruses in DOOM(game), only zombies and hell demons. The movie took place on mars ac compared to the game which took basic place in Hell. If anything, the movie was trying to show up DOOM 3. The story was so far off, I didn’t even consider the movie anything that had to do with the game. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a crappy movie that just so happens to have the same title as a video game series… and the same font…

  51. Resident-Wesker

    Wow Micheal has it down very well. I thought i had a point but you definitely can go on, good job and you got my vote. lol

    Oh and the reason that you would want to see the movie on the game is because they named it after the game. Why would you want it to be very off on a limb? In that case name it something else.

  52. MRZERO

    ok first off dont give your opinion if you started the games at the fourth one and have no idea what happened before that. The movie started off following the game pretty well however, they mutilated the story it has nothing to do with the story. So Olivera makes an appearance and so do Alice Jill and Wesker but come on people the movies may be great do to awesome violence and make up but according to the game the planet is doing just fine. Its not a dried up wasteland people are still living anyone who played the original resident evil should be disappointed by extinction. Its a cool movie if it was called extinction but not resident evil:extinction . If you played the games from the start the story line was never confusing because of multiple characters they were all intertwined in the story very well. Basically all i’m daying is a movie based off of a game with the same name should be relatively the same they should follow a similar time line and similar events should happen im not saying a movie should be an exact copy of the game but think of it in a different light how good would a movie called halo be if it was about a kid who is also a superhero with heat ray vision but there are aliens called grunts and elites and a superweapon called a halo and in the end the kid marries a marine named cortana its the same concept lol. Similar names and story line but your like WTF that doesn’t make sense.

    P.S. Michael Anderson your my hero lmao

  53. Josh

    My personal opinion is that, while the movies are good in their own universe, the games had a better story and as such I would have rather seen a direct adaptation than movies loosely based on plot elements. I’m not saying that the movies are bad, their plot is good to people who have never played the games or read the books and don’t know much about the existing universe or to those people willing to cast aside the existing universe. That’s why the gamers have such a hard time liking it because they are so set in the pre-existing universe that the new one just doesn’t satisfy them.

  54. Jinx

    “You can’t just copy and paste a video game story into a movie the thing would be way to long and have too many boss fights. That’s why every video game to movie adaptation is different than the game. The truth is you just can’t fit that great story into two hours”

    Quoted because i disagree. I used to complete resi 2 in two hours. In a film your not going to see her wondering about aimlessly, getting lost (well maybe), choosing to fight zombies and monsters on purpose if it can be helped. In the game theres alot of ‘faffing about’ especially if you get stuck. Im not suggesting that finding pieces of puzzels in real life would be easy, but the directors have the choice on how the film works and is pieced together. I seriously think that they could make a film based on resident evil 2 (that is not animated), and fit it into a movie.
    What i will say is that completeing the game in 2 hours is obviously going to include full knowledge of where everything is and how to go about killing everyboss….if it was a movie, it would seem rushed…but thats when you make a sequel….and then be done with it!!! (no 3rd)

  55. sephiroth111

    why they didnt follow the story of re games? Because re games story was for re games story only. i like the story of re movies and re games in different situations.

  56. greg

    honestly people…. I think that the movie installments are great! not only do they have the key aspects of what the actual games are about, But they also go beyond the game, which i think is very creative. They go beyond the game, and beyond the gamers/viewers imagination. Besides, we all know that in the games, jill , leon, claire, etc… were not the only survivors, hell .. who knows… alice could have been a surviver too but we just dont know. i think its extremly creative that the director went beyond the game plot, and added more creativity and thought into the movies.

  57. C-Von

    People, why do you all bitch about the movies not following the games, when they so obviously do? The game series is all about the deception of the Umbrella Corporation and their T-Virus, which is what the movies follow. Besides, if you link them up the movies fill in the blanks between games. Res Evil: Apocalypse picks up right after the first game, and seems to take place while Res Evil 2(game) is happening and blends right into Res Evil: Nemesis. The animated movie ends with the new face of “Umbrella”, Tricell (which had just purchased WilPharma, another Umbrella subsidiary) digging up a piece of Curtis’s body which was infected with the G-Virus. Obviously this got out of hand and leads to Res Evil: Extinction, in which the entire world is infected. So what if they added a new character, every other game did it too, so why bitch? Everyone but Leon has had at least a cameo, right down to Carlos and Nicholai, and rumor has it we’ll see Leon in the new one in 2010.
    Now lets take a look back at movies that took their story straight from the game: Mortal Combat, Street Fighter(not the new one, which was equally as horrible as the first, i might add), Doom, all garbage ass movies. All Hollywood did was give us a central character for all the movies, and a nice one to look at I might add. To the people who say she shouldn’t have powers, why shouldn’t a lab grown Bio-weapon be badass? By using the anti-virus in combination with the T-virus, her body was able to adapt the virus and use it for rapid evolution
    If you took the time to read all this ranting, thank you very much, lol. I happen to be a huge Res Evil fan and love the movies as a continuation of the game, and to have people not see the way they intertwine is a crying shame.

  58. daniel

    sorry but i have to disagree about with the movies not following the game the actual game plot is about a virus escaping into the world thanks to a corporation in the first resident evil game it was more about in a mansion and an underground facility the film kind of followed that and it was set before the racoon city police went to the mansion second game was based in racoon city and it followed in a similar fashion just they mixed resi 2 and resi 3 nemisis and the second film and the third one evolved like the games have they done it in a similar fashion as well and as the writer of the movies said i cant always be the same as the game and what they have done is focus it on one person and evolve it with key elements with the game and if you lot cant see that then you have probably played it but didn’t understand it and watched the movies and didn’t understand it i’ve watched and played the games even seen the animated movie wot they created and i understand it perfectly and it is good on both counts this is from a true resident evil fan.

  59. Josh

    To C-Von:

    Well, you’re rant would make sense, if only the developers hadn’t released a bio for Jill stating that her STARS PARTNER Leon, was dead. That means that RE: Apocalypse can’t take place during the second game because A) Leon’s not a STARS or Jill’s partner and he’s still alive and B) Albert Wesker never became head of Umbrella and instead brought about it’s destruction. The overall plot of the games is the fight against bioterrorism, not just Umbrella’s fall and the release of the T-virus. Also, nobody was complaining about the Degeneration movie because it was meant to be an actual continuation of the game story, not part of the live action series. And where is Chris in all of this. And what about the ENTIRE backstory of the viruses and Umbrella and Ashford. The disregarded all of it. As easy as it seems to do so, you can’t match the movies in the games. And please, don’t anyone take this as a hatred of the movies. I already stated they were good, in their own universe.

  60. feedo

    they should try and make 3d movies of the game as they did for resident evil degeneration
    and continue to make the movie using the different plot as it is being done!

  61. millafan100

    Milla is beautiful and i cant wait for the fifth movie i know what some of you mean with the movies not making any sense to the game but it’s gonna be awesome i’m sure(^_^)

  62. Josh

    I agree with feedo, as long as I understand what he’s saying correctly. As I interpret his statement, I would enjoy it if they created movies for the games in a similar fashion to the way they did Degeneration (3D may be a bit too much) while they continue the storyline of the live action films as is. I mean, the game movies could be released in very quick succession depending on if they decide on a theatrical release or a direct-to-dvd approach. I can dig it.

  63. Star Ruman

    Well I m so amazed and surprised about all this post because now I realize that Resident evil is one of the greatest plot ever both in movie and in of course game… Well I m one of greatest freak of this games and yes I’m also shocked about the movie plot because of the story line. Well my point is that though The movie should have a different storyline but the root must be from game, and another thing is that in Resident Evil 3 movie I felt disturbed because of the paranormal ability of Alice . The characteristics must be consistent with natural human power because it’s a general trend of the movie.

  64. izac

    I have to say the movie doesn’t follow the game but come on everyone knows the story because of the game there’s no point of watching it all over so it’s pretty cool they changed the story but kept certain parts of the game.

  65. Jason

    One more thing of note for all you people who say that the movies so avidey follow the games: Milla Jovovich’s character is, oh yeah, non-existent in the video games. That is kind of a major flaw, wouldn’t you say? peace

  66. Dan Brinkley

    My 2 cents is that they are committing sacrilege by not basing Resident Evil 4 off of the game. The game just screams to me made into a movie (with Matt Damon playing Leon Kennedy, thank you very much). Anyway, just my opinion.

  67. Ro-jinni

    Honestly, people need to step away and seperate the movie from the game. It’s like comparing a book to a movie and vice versa.

    Yes all the games had different characters and they revisted a few them in the later games, however they all had different view points on the outbreak by umberella. That’s the main thing going for the games. There are a lot of characters, and each are main characters in their own game, but they all play a role in the whole scheme of things. They each play a piece to the puzzel.

    I love the games, and I enjoy the movies. As a media students I make sure I don’t go in “assuming” it’s going to be 100 percent the same as the game, you know why? Because it’s the directors ADAPTATION. Besides, the game is far more complex in it’s orginality that movies would be hard to make based upon it.

    So yes, Everyone makes a good argument but you need seperate both, because both media’s are different and the game designer isn’t writting the script for a movie which he has no clue how to make.

  68. Jordan Ashton Hale

    This is what I think they should do with the 4th movie. First know Zombies( whaat) yeah no zombies, if they wanna keep calling there movies resident evil then they need to bring forth the enemy’s that have been testing the survival of the protagonists of the last to games…I’m talking about the Las Plagas. A good setting would be in a small town or city,(if its japan) then in japan and somehow have the Las Plagas be unleashed because of Bio Terrorist black market weapon exchanges. And once that happens and is brought to the attention of America then they should send in Special Agent Leon S Kennedy. And BSAA Member Chris Redfield into the action to stop it…oh and throw Alice in there for no reason…maaybe as one of Weskers weapons. That and I just wanna see El Grande on big screen. But can you imagion seeing what the Las Plagas are like in a movie. Zombies are slow and lame, Las Plagas are fast, and intelligent.

  69. headhntr45

    u all are stupid who cares what storyline is being copied, if the book was first then the game then they’re probably not the same just as the movie gets off track of the game,besides who wants to play a game then watch a movie that has the same exact storyline it would be like listening to a broken record the gajes were sweet and the movies are bada$$ so s**k on that… lol

  70. Vincent

    The resident evil movie could easily follow the game and could’ve been a whole lot better. just start the film in the S.T.A.R.S Office that would’ve introduced every character to the public. then just have Chris mention his sister coming into town, have someone else mention Leon. and boom you got your movies all laid out. part one could follow bravo team with Rebecka and billy , 2 could be the mention, 3 will show how the starts fled and Claire and Leon show up.
    4 would be Jill with Nemesis, 5 would be claire in code veronica, 5 would be Leon in Spain vs las plagas. Part 6 could be the downfall of Albert Wesker.

    Then if you really really wanted to be cool. you could do a movie based on hunk but in First person like the end of the doom movie when it goes into first person.

    i wouldn’t make a movie about the ” outbreak” games or the dead aim games. well maybe the OG resident evil survivor.

    N E ways let me know what you guys think.

    PS. I have read the books and only Two of them follow the game but they did a good job. And to the last comment before mine, i could write a script that would follow the game perfectly. and if not me S.D. Perry did an awesome job as well.

  71. MRZERO

    ok heres the thing people yes the movies are good on their own, however they AREN’T Resident Evil they aren’t filling in spots between games because 1. in resident evil (games) the earth is just fine not desolate in anyway. 2. yes the games came up with new characters but not characters who are biologically enhanced. 3. the movies don’t even have a thorough storyline i mean wtf happened to the little girl and jill? i dunno folks they just dont make sense to me i like the action if they were called i dunno biohazard so they were still an homage to the resident evil series.

  72. Michael

    Here is a good….. no, great idea! Take the movie back to the beginning. Remember in RE Apocalypse when jill valentine walked in the police station and popped one in the zombies head when nobody knew what was going on. she seemed to have been through the mess before. why not make a movie based on the mansion. the S.T.A.R.Z. and B.R.A.V.O. teams. the hunters and the spiders. And get Wesker from behind that damn desk. Take it back to its prime where every one is in the dark on the situation. where umbrella is just starting to expand in its ways. Not only will it give more background to the characters it will satisfy all the diehard fans and lets face it, where would the series be without the fans. fact is money talks and i gargantuan that this movie will double any RE movie in the series.

  73. swerve

    ok I hear a lot of gripe about the difference between the games and the movies and I have to say it would be really boring to see them be the same. its 2 different mediums people, the one thing I can say is I am really pissed that they gave alice super powers and didnt make her a villain… it is supposed to be survival horror it really takes away from the suspense when you know she is gonna come out on top and I was even more angry that they used one of the best boss fights from the games in the third movie and she dispatched him like he was nothing… third movie sucked ass in the long run but that’s not what has moved me to comment. to say that the forth game sucked itself into the matrix really isn’t fair it was a new gaming engine to try to get you into the game more and it worked. please don’t complain about progress cause I would be hesitant to play another one if they went back to the old game engine. I love the old games but I’m not one to stand in the way of progress. yes they took the laser scene from the movie but as they showed in the movie its not impossible to dodge a laser like that and they did it in real time not in slowed down numb nut time. resident evil 5 has lots of potential to be a great game its just gonna take some getting used to. as for a fourth movie…. I think they screwed up enough with the third movie to not make another one but it would be cool if they could finally kill off alice she is a monster you shouldn’t be rooting for her…… and we need giant spiders in the next movie I crapped myself the first time I say that in the game.

  74. sorudo

    uhmmm, have anyone ever considered what they might have aimed at?
    they could have done the story from the eyes of alice with the “rest” is doing the game way, a sort of view out of others eyes.
    also, comparing the origin with the movie is bad, saying this should follow the game story line more is like saying DB evolution should have flying cars.
    only because the environment is not the same doesn’t make the movie about they same.
    TR has the same thing, it never followed a game story but why actually follow a story you already played?
    why not an adventure you are not gonna play but in stead, they made a movie about it.

    i only see qq and /ragequit but nothing really useful.

  75. Cooleh

    The game is awesome and so are the movies. i can’t wait!!
    but everybody should stop complaining about the whole movie-not-being-like-the-game crap. atleast the movie still has the same focus.—->ZomBies&Umbrella Corps.

  76. Bryon Hamrick

    I think all your opinions are well taken. Perhaps a whole new story line starring the one and only LEON, the major character of resident evil, and show it through his eyes as we’ve seen it for so many years!!! Also, maybe Alice and Leon meet somewhere down the line as they did introduce Claire and Albert. A final Resident Evil with Leon and Alice side by side taking down Umbrella, now that’s a movie!

  77. Anonymous

    Damn! I thought that meant that they were making a Resident Evil 4 movie. You know, with Leon and stuff?

  78. Hydro1039

    You know what I believe, since I too am a huge fan of the video game franchise, I believe that an introduction of Chris Redfield is an order. I mean, no game which has had Albert Wesker in it has NOT had Chris Redfield in it. If they completely overlook that crucial fact to the game’s history, even though the movies have already pretty much demolished the entire series, it will kill what respect it has left. A meeting between the siblings should really be considered as well.

  79. jessi

    Okay all of you have really good points. I do believe that Wesker is totally the best villan ever. And i am a huge fan of the games. I was satisfied with the first resident evil movie, and Apocalypse, was better. But i was a little upset with Extiction. The whole world wouldnt just die out tlike that. I must add that I loved Degeneration. In my opinion it is the best installment to the resident evil movies.
    And i agree with Jordon Ashton Hale. Her opinion about having the las plagas…and having Leon and Chris set out, and yada yada yada. and I think that having Wesker use Alice as a secret weapon would be somewhat kick ass.
    I also believe that it wuld be awsome as hell to add all the characters from the games into the movies. and i dont mean a capcom animated…i mean an actaual movie. I think they need to bring Ada, Krauser, Ashley, Salazer, Sheva, Excella, ect…into the movies.
    last but not least, when i said i was dissapointed with Extinction i was being truthful. But it was still a good movie. In fact, i would laugh if AfterLife didnt have anything to do with Alices clones at all. For istince i would find it hilarious if Extinction was just a dream. Maybe that makes no sense, but that would be funny. To go from hey the world is practally extinct to hey guess what its all a dream. And so what if they made wesker able to dodge bullets like the matrix. Were doing what they want us to do….cry complain and discuss what the hell is going on. We are only making the ratings go threw the roof

  80. Ladysha

    Okay it’s pretty typical it would become “This” kind of discussion, but of course I must say my piece as well. There’s no doubt that I enjoy the movies but I, like many others have played the games originally to say making the movie based on the game would have been a complete waste is absolute BS in my opinion. The games had wonderful plots and settings and they all tie together from many different view points. Yes I know alot took place and yes that means alot of money would need to be invested to create such movies, but it’s not impossible, and no it dosn’t need to be twelve bloody hours long to do it. Playing the games alone takes many hours yes, but summing up the main and key points, items, and events could definately fit into a three hour movie (Yes I said three hours, but if you’re a real resident Evil fan, you can stand to sit through it all, especially if you’ve sat through Titanic, Roots, or Harry Potter -_-)

    Now it was mentioned quite a few times that no would want to see a movie (With the game title!) based on the actual game… I ask you all, why the hell not?! we can watch and commend great movies based off books, and comic book characters who’s storyline and sequence of events are almost exact on film, but doing one based off a game is ridiculous?… Come on people be serious. Just like it’s one thing to read a book and wish you could see the imagery in live action in a film, it’s the exact same thing when it comes to games. We played our way through the game, learned the plots and characters and could only dream of how cool would it be to see all this detail incorporated into a film. Yet we are met with teasers of characters slammed into a whole different storyline (Which I must stress isn’t bad at all) but it’s still a whole new Resident Evil. It’s a new story and time line that’s also based on a zombie outbreak due to an experimental virus with the label of Resident Evil, but no direct tie to it’s origin.

    Seeing the Resident Evil Game series play out in live action on the big screen would not only have been a treat for those who played the game, but might very well have boosted the game sales even further for those who knew nothing of it to begin with (Well that’s to say if the movie production was executed properly, and met atleast the majority of the game fans expectations.) Knowing the storyline itself wouldn’t chase people away from the game but most likely encourage them to play through it all for the challenge and even get a better understanding of the difficulty it is to face these tyrants the viewers witnessed on the big screen.

    In conclusion, the movies that are out now are good, enjoyable, and I look forward to the creativity of the director to continue his own original creation of Resident Evil. However there is no mistaking, that doing a movie based uppon the actual games would have sold way better, pleased the entire gamer fan base, and still make for an awesome storyline as far as the genre of Zombie movies go. That is all! =3

  81. Ben

    now i am someone who only got in the Resident Evil series (game) with 4, and it had nothing to do with the movies, but if it were up to me i wouldnèt do it based on the games, but i would have it at least follow a little bit along the path of the games. Let’s be honest here, there’s nothing wrong with differences, but to create a whole new character for the films? That’s a little ridiculous to me, you can pick anybody from Chris or Claire to run with, I have nothing against Milla Jovovitch or her acting in the movies (which i love btw), but there isn’t a need for a story line like they did. I’m curious as to how they spin this one which will likely be the last though.

  82. disgraced

    i agree wholeheartedly that the game and the movies have the right to take different paths but it seems to me that they should interrelate some how and they don’t other than the second movie. this is where problems come in. the last movie portrays alice as a super t-virus being yet all the games say that the virus corrupts its victims so what the hell. stick to one story line at least.

  83. Annaa


    in the second movie Alice clearly states that the T-Virus re animates dead cells ( Making the dead walk ) and helps mutate living ones, causing harmful or good mutations ( helping the man who invented the viruses daughter walk ). i guess according to the games the movie wouldn’t really be good, but according to the movies they make sense. its really the same as books being turned into movies, they rarely EVER have the same plot as the books because books have alot of imagery and less dialog so they tweak it to fit the viewers preference. Any movie thats compared to its book, even down to the smallest details ( twilight being an example ), will pale in comparison. but on its own it can usually hold its own. Thats my opinion. yes they changed the plots but who cares, the producers and directors invest alot of money and time into these productions, they are aloud to go a little crazy and rewrite some things to fit their vision. in their defense they are only trying to make the film better by improving the plot that THEY think needs improving.

    theres no harm intended, but seriously if you dont like the movies and think they are stupid and disgraceful dont freaking watch them. its not that hard, i mean no one is forcing anyone to watch the movies so the people who do watch shouldn’t be trashing the movie because it doesn’t fit the game, you watched it, you sat threw it, you could have gotten up and left when you realized the differences, but you stayed, that means on some level you wanted to stay and see how it ends. so sit down, and shush.

    anyway on a lighter note. i cant wait to see the next one, i love Mila’s acting ever since i saw her in “fifth element” <3

  84. xhainekox

    Ive only played the 4th Resident evil game,and i loved it,I dont really like the movies,and im not a bit fan of Milla Jovovich’s acting, Its just down to personal preference. But i am a little disappointed Leon wont be in it, Im not saying they should have stuck to the game storyline, but i think it would have at least been good if they had found a way to include him in the story somehow.