Resident Evil 5 Movie

Resident Evil 5 MovieWe may consider this as an official announcement of the movie Resident Evil 5:


Resident Evil 5 Trailer

[Resident Evil 4] is the first one to ever open at number one worldwide. It’s the biggest movie in the franchise. So we’re definitely going to make another one. We’ve been talking to a lot of fans on Twitter and stuff, so it’s probably going to be one of the first movies where we really talk to fans to see what they want, and what characters they want to see. It’s going to be a more interactive process.”

Actress Milla Jovovich

So what do you want to see in the movie RE5? Should Alice get back her powers? Should Chris Redfield ( and Claire Redfield (Wentworth Miller) stay with Alice (Milal Jovovich)? And what about Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory): do you want her to be the next villain in Resident Evil 5? Anything else? Share with us!

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  1. Darius

    what happen to leon s kennedy he was in resident evil 2 and 4 game as a rookie cop and then working for the government he was the 1st one to notice the change of the plag

  2. Ted

    I agree we need to see Leon and with him some tie into Ada Wong. And if we go back to the begining Barry and Rebecca should be in it too.

  3. Oscar

    I really think they should include Leon and definitely now that they are planning to include characters they should include excella gionne as one of our female villains it would tie perfectly judging that Jill is gonna be one of the bad guys!

  4. Terry

    I want all the characters. Leon, Chris, Claire, Jill, and Ada.
    I think this should be the final RE movie too. Don’t wanna make a unnecessary series like Halo. I would like for Alice to get her powers back and have like this epic battle with her and Wesker (yes I want Wesker back, cause I think he might have lost to easily.) And have like a battle scene with Jill Claire and Chris trying to turn her good like in RE5. Also have more zombie fight in it. Can never go wrong with you and a shit load of zombies agasint you and survival. Make it like L4D or something. And for Leon and Ada have them act like they do in RE4. If you can make all that into one that would be great.

  5. mycker

    Wentworth has added a touch into RE4. Letting him in RE5 will really worth it.

  6. Alex

    Leon S.Kennedy would be a nice addition to the franchise, though he’s not required.

    I want the next movie to be longer, give it a little more of a THRILL and scrap the 3D, the fourth film didn’t need it and by the end I was seeing axes everywhere I looked.

    Loved the fourth film and can’t wait for the fifth, I really wish that they’d shot 4 & 5 back-to-back.

    PAUL ANDERSON, please stop with other movies and just make resident evil films, please do that for the next decade ’cause the wait is infecting me and I don’t want to wait 3 more years.

  7. TheRiseofEvil


    It is clear that the movies and games are all tied to the same CANON storyline, as Wesker did NOT die in RE:5 the game…..because we see he still has his full Uroboros powers & even get impaled twice in RE: Afterlife the movie.

    Therefore, Excella Gionne can not really be dead…..since CAPCOM has said before Uroboros is like an immortal demon type of creature we should see Excella in the Resident Evil Revelations movie.

    Further, Excella should transform into her worst Uroboros form in Resident Evil Revelation & nearly eat Claire alive until Alice battles Excella one on one.

    Then Wesker should make his appearance so we get a drag-out death match between Alice and Wesker, very similar to Isaacs when he became the Tyrant monster.

    Oh yeah, and leave the ending wide open tying into Resident Evil 6 the game, that clearly Wesker is NOT gone….as both Alice & Wesker now are fully fused with Uroboros leaving it wide open for at least two more final confrontations where they both get decapitated. Now that’s horror!

  8. Phillip

    I want to see all of the major characters from the games in the movies at one point or another. Alice should get her powers back and be the big hero. Everyone else should be the Sidekick Heroes I hope that everyone decides to stay with Alice. I mean what more of a chance do they really have in a zombie infested world. As for Jill Valentine, I hope she plays a big part of the evil villains but at one point in time gets saved like in the resident evil 5 game. No need for an unneccisary death. Also Wesker did die to easily. I hope he is still alive and plays the untimate Villain.

  9. artemis

    I think alice should get her powers back and still be the main charcter and hero. they should also keep claire, kmart, and lose chris. They should also bring back jill valentine as a good guy again. and also answer the question what happened to angie.

    • joe

      angie was revealed to have died in one of the books. when the umbrella corp took control of alice they had her shoot angie and then alice was able to break free from their control which is why she went on her own in RE extinction

  10. RE Fan: Acre

    I thought adding the executioner in the movie was simply brilliant, it was great to see him. The concept of trying to land a plane on a roof was also a nice touch. I think it was a good movie, should have received better ratings then it did.

    For RE5, you could have a secret lab in where Wesker got his “upgrades” because in the movie it doesn’t specify really that he become more powerful in the base in Japan (I think it was Japan). And maybe Alice is forced to pump herself with the same t-virus mixture that Wesker did to become stronger to be able to fight some villain. Or what you could do is since the movie ended with a bunch of Umbrella guys coming, they might offer protection and all that jazz. Alice and everyone believes it. Alice and all the survivors get placed in a room and get knocked out with nerve gas, and since Alice is human again then she also does. She could wake up in a test tube or something like that with the black guy (I forgot his name) opening up the tube to find out that Alice is totally drained of her powers and thus she must find the super drug that Wesker took to keep alive.

    Or a more realistic approach is that since Alice never trusts Umbrella is that the Umbrella crew that comes with the choppers at the end of the movie, they are trying to recapture the survivors by force, but most of the Umbrella crew gets killed in the process and retreats. Or the Umbrella crew is actually there to help and join forces as they realize that Wesker was a maniac. The survivors + Umbrella people take everyone to a secret base for protection where Wesker got his upgrades (could be any base really) and then after a few weeks or months/years the base runs low on supplies such as food and water and search parties must be established. And it would be interesting if one of the previous Umbrella crew takes a shot of what Wesker got to become stronger and becomes a monster that is capable of splitting himself to create more of himself. And possibly the main guy after awhile becomes Wesker (If you want Wesker to appear again). And then Alice and some of her team joins up and fights off Wesker. Also in there battle to fight off Wesker, they find an experimental weapons lab with incendiary rounds, special extended doubling clips (Same size but 2x-3x the ammo capacity), a gause rifle that uses concentrated emp shots to cut through armor and maybe an ion painter (Basically used a satellite to emit a concentrated wave of destruction). These weapons could be an interesting addition, I think that RE5 should be the last movie in the series with the biggest fight (new weapons), vehicles, pure scale and end either with Alice surviving with all of her friends dead and she being the last one in the wasteland or have 80 people or less survive to start a new settlement in Alaska, Antarctica, Greenland, Sweden where they survive off nature. Possibly by taking the big boat over the ocean or by chopper. Or everyone dies except for the zombies and Alice’s final effort to purge the world from the zombies is to detonate all of Umbrella’s bases at the same time. With a potential cut-scene to show that all efforts were futile.

    It might be wise not to have Wesker at all in the movie as it might make RE5 too repetitive, but maybe a different monster is created. Also the rescue team finding some STARS would be nice, maybe one or two.

    But I can’t stress enough that I believe that would be best for RE5 to be the last movie, I love the game, everything, the real acting from Mila and Jill Valentine but I don’t want the RE movies to start feeling like repeats in which Wesker keeps coming back again and again with the same plot structure. I think that starting a different kind of movie(s) after RE5 will Mila as the star with a different story all together would be a great concept.

    You guys are the best and I hope you put some of my comments into consideration in aiding you in creating more films that are very enjoying to watch,


  11. Jennessa

    Please have all the characters include sheva please love all the movies and please I begging you give alice her powers back

  12. michael

    Well i personally want Alice to get her powers back it would be really cool and it would also bee cool if they showed how Jill became part of the umbrella and also what happened to Angela ash ford i mean anything would be a great film if Alice was still the main character and got her powers back :D

  13. Daan

    It would be really stupid if wesker came back. I think that they made it clear that wesker wont come back by letting him die in that vulcano in re5 the game and the super bomb in the movie. I agree that there should be more zombie fights and it would be cool to see some star members from the re games. I dont think leon would fit in the movie so i rather have that they keep going on with chris!

  14. nickz

    I think they should include Leon into the spotlight and in my opinion only Jill, Claire, Chris and Leon should be the only ones they should team up with Alice. I hope they don’t include Ada she so does not belong there.

  15. joe

    okay so here is my little ol opinion
    i believe that alice shouldn’t get her powers back or at least not too strong of powers. yes it was cool but it was also too supernaturaly and didn’t really fit into the story that well it was like hay lets give her some awesome powers and let her just kill everyone with a snap of her fingers, cus in reality she could have just destroyed everything by using her abilities and then were would we be, in a giant battle feild full of corpses, that hardly put up a fight. so yes i would love to see her back with more of her physical powers instead of her psychic powers, cus in reality when she could stand against the tyrant (for the most part) in a fight that was pretty BA

    okay another person that should be brought into the series is LEON S. KENNEDY. even if he did die in the second movie which really kinda pissed me off (and for those of you who didn’t realize it, the news paper clipping in Jills rooms that says she retired or whatever from the stars program due to the DEATH of her partner. so yes leon is already dead in the series) so i would really like to see him in it, but it would need to be a good reason for him to be back, like if he never actually died and it was all a cover story or something

    CHRIS AND CLAIRE need to stay in the movies they have great dynamic and are an amazing team. one thing though that really bugged me, why make them so weak. in the games they are some of the strongest people, but in the movies they were basically weak and helpless needing alice and others around them for support. i mean they were hardly even in the wesker fight before they were locked away. i did like clairs battle with the axe man that was just EPIC but then why did alice have to come in and finish him off why couldnt it just be claire that did it???

    as for jill i think it would be epic to see her in the next movie as a villain with the new look and everything (perhaps even a new actress, cus in the movie she kinda bugged me how she played the character it just didn’t seem to fit. i mean the woman who played her is a good actress but she seemed to be trying to hard to me, and didn’t give her own part of her personality to the character to make it more 3 dimensional) so perhaps an evil jill, and then add in a huge fight to try to take her down

    but besides these guys i dont really know if any other people from the games should really be brought in
    but in my final words i recommend MORE ZOMBIES! (oh and keep k mart in the series i think shes really cool, but it sucked how she only showed up for like the last part of the movie)

  16. Brian

    I think they left it open for Wesker to come back. If you look closely at the scene where that dude is running up the pipe I swear you can clearly see a paraschute falling from the aircraft explosion. Considering Wesker’s super quick reflexes, I would not be surprised if he did in fact jump out before it exploded.
    There is just no way he would of died that easily.
    What I would love to see more of is going more in depth with the actual resident evil characters from the games.
    fans of the game franchise know who they are, but people who have never played the games before have no clue who they are and that is something Paul Anderson seems to have focused on. Just one side. I think if Paul played into both sides of the audience, Resident Evil could of been the next generation zombie genre. Can still be if he thinks about it.
    But I still think a mini series on HBO or something would be awesome too. =)

  17. jared ross

    i would like leon to come in. also try to make it longer. make it more interactive have more dialoge also. make it more like the games. include jill make her a bad guy. but keep the 3D. also try and make more zombie scenes. never wrong with that:)

  18. Ana

    What I’d like most is to have more zombie action. While I enjoyed the last movie, it barely had zombie footage, and that’s what I love most about RE. It’d be pretty great to include Leon in the next movie too. As long as he, Claire, Chris, Jill, and Alice (I actually don’t mind her character) are in the next movie, all’s well. :)

    But please, let the zombies have some spotlight too.

  19. Dave

    I hope they give Alice her powers back as they were amazing and made the film.
    I would like to see more of the Alice clones – perhaps we could see Alice get her powers back from a sample of blood from a clone! or perhaps the mutation has gone to far in Alice for the serum she was injected with to keep the t virus away!
    Can’t wait for the next movie!

  20. James

    I think theres a major thing you all have missed.

    Wesker is not dead.

    If you recall the guy in the tunnel near the end of the film watches the explosion and you can see someone parachuting out from below it – Clearly if any of you are resi fans will know that is Wesker not dying.

    Mayhap in running to the next film they could do some shorts [could be realeased as teasers] to explain certain events;

    Angela Ashfords death

    Jills situation explained

    Weskers uruboros gains

    Chris Redfields experiences leaidng to his being jailed

    This could even be an off main storyline film where they have 3-5 storylines each filling out different sections of the main storyline to fill in those who are not in the know how from the net/reading material

    • ReeN

      @james: That’s actually a pretty good idea. I didn’t notice the parachute. LOL. When I went back and watched it again you can see something in the sky. Not positive that it’s Wesker but I’m not doubting it either. He’s indestructible! You have some great ideas.

  21. Faithful Freak

    All I have to say for a main villain would have to be Krauser. Already had Wesker, so aside from that Krauser would be the next best main villain.

  22. ReeN

    Keep Claire and Chris Redfield with Alice. I love both the characters. Yes, I would like to see Alice regain her powers but now until later. Let Alice keep her human side for a while longer. Bring in Leon and Ada (it’s been a long time coming). I knew Jill Valentine would make her move in as a bad guy so thank you for that. But she’s not a blonde. Please revert her to a brunette. I didn’t even know it was her until I read the credits… Krauser is a good pick to be the next big bad villain seeing that Wesker is gone. But please don’t crowd the screen with too many new characters. That tends to make the movie look rushed. Also don’t change the actors. I find it very cheesy when a new actor comes in as a character that has already been introduced. That means Milla, Ali, and Wentworth are a MUST.

  23. Beth

    I think Alice should get her powers back, I would love to see Chris, Claire and Kmart stick around. Although Alice has always been a bit of a loner :(

  24. Matt

    Give Alice her powers BACK!

    I recently rented Afterlife, and I spent the entire movie waiting for her to get them back, gradually realizing, with increasing disappointment, as the movie grew closer to the end, that they weren’t going to be returned to her… It mostly ruined what could have been a really enjoyable movie. Some may say that it’s too supernatural and/or not like the games and whatnot, but that’s been the case since the second movie, and I don’t think Alice was even a character in the game, anyway. (I haven’t played all of them, so I’m not sure) Also, you can’t keep giving the audience a more and more awesome main character, then suddenly go backwards. As far as it being too easy if she has her psychic powers, that wasn’t the case in Extinction and wouldn’t have to be now either; using her psychic powers weakened her, so she there was a limitation to it. I get the whole Alice wants to feel more human thing, and that it might be more fulfilling to some audience members to have her remain powerless, so, as another poster suggested, keep her powerless for a while longer, but at some point in the next movie, PLEASE make her the badass she was in Extinction again! :\

  25. jodanna

    first of all alice should get back her powers, everyone would love to see alice with extra abilities