Resident Evil 6 Movie

Resident Evil 6 Movie - Resident Evil 6 trailerAccording to Shock Till You Drop we may expect Screen Gems to develop yet another Resident Evil movie with Actress Milla Jovovich in the lead role as Expert zombie slayer Alice. There’s even a release date: the movie Resident Evil 6 is set to hit theaters on September 12, 2014. So they will most likely start shooting before the end of this year.

In previous interviews both Director Paul W. Anderson and Actress Milla Jovovich claimed that if there was a sixth installment it would be the last of the series.

No word about the plot. But let’s go back to the final scene of Resident Evil 5:

Wesker gave back all her superhuman powers to Alice, they’re stuck in the White House, the last redoubt of Mankind in the final apocalypse, zombies and other mutant monsters are all around. Will Alice and Wesker ally to save Mankind then? They would make a hell of a team for sure.

What do you think? Any suggestion regarding the plot of Resident Evil 6?

11 Responses - “Resident Evil 6 Movie”

  1. taylor

    i have all the resident evil movies on dvd please let this one be the very last one

    • j

      No no no no no!!! Please don’t let this be the last one!!!! I want to see resident evil 25!!!!!

  2. Daniel

    well as far as i know these kinds of movies are endless.and I dont think paul anderson would completely finish the entire story just in an episode.there should be at least two more episodes in order for finishing the entire story…

  3. Ariel

    Keep the soundtracks from retrubution

  4. luis

    Make more they need to add more new charachters

  5. Yusseff Talal

    Either needs to be like a 4 hour long movie or make at least 2 more installments after this 6th one.

  6. Rachie_Kun

    Plot must be: Alice, Jill, Leon, and Ada reunite Chris, Claire, and K-mart together while they go inside The Hive(the place in the first movie) to stop The Red Queen.

  7. la maquina

    I would’ve liked to have seen more of chris redfield. But I definitely hope this wont be the last movie! The opening theme in retribution was KICK ASS!

  8. Saif Ali

    I think the film should have it focus on the fight of survival of mankind against Red Queen & it’s Cruel army by destroying all the Umbrella Facilities around the world no matter Alice survive or not but the peace will be brought back to the world, which would also give some spicy-ness to film.

  9. susanc

    I have all 5 movies out so far and I watch them often….I want more!! :-)