Resident Evil Afterlife After Credits

Resident Evil 4 Afterlife Ending leaked online - bootleg Resident Evil Afterlife After Credits sceneIf you didn’t stay after the credits of Resident Evil Afterlife, then you missed the after credits scene with a swam of Umbrella helicopters and Jill Valentine. Well, fortunately, some fellow RE fan is sharing the after credits scene of Resident Evil 4 on youtube:

Resident Evil Afterlife Credits Scene

Quality of the clip above isn’t great, well basically Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) is briefing the Umbrella soldiers on their upcoming mission which sums up to: kill them all (Alice and the other survivors)! But well Jill Valentine isn’t herself anymore, she’s under the influence of Umbrella’s spider device: it wiped out her memory and changed her personality…

Here’s a picture of Jill Valentine in the video game Resident Evil 5:

Such a cliffhanger scene, can’t wait for the Resident Evil 5 movie!

7 Responses - “Resident Evil Afterlife After Credits”

  1. damm didn't see that scene

    I have seen the movie but didn’t know that there was a scene more if any one has a good english link please tell me.

  2. george the buck

    I have enjoyed all of the RE movies and people should think of them as action movies not art house films. people so easily jump to say how lame or stupid or terrible a movie is, but these movies and others like them are meant to entertain with the least complicated plot while bombarding us with awesome eye catching popcorn toting action!I loved this movie and hope they make more!

  3. dragonzwingz

    ive enjoyed all of the Resident Evil movies up untill this one. I found the first hour of the movie very boring compared to how the others were. I am hoping that if they make more, that they go back the the first three which had alot more action.

  4. Neil

    Film was a bit poo, like the others, but wasnt the worst (that was the 3rd) but its just another Matrix rip off but using the characters from the Resident evil games universe that I love.

  5. Rene

    Well First of all, You need to put Leon, Ada and little Sherry somewhere in the 5th movie, personally they should have been in the 2nd movie. Like in the game RE2…People love when the characters of a game are on the big screen…hint hint. That’s why RE After Life i though was the best out of all RE movies bcuz Chris and Claire had a connection, so yeah i bit if u but the characters listed above ur next movie well be a great success, but who am i to tell u that. Just make the movie more scarier and use more characters from the RE2 game….

  6. vahid

    this great action movie and i like it