Resident Evil Afterlife Pictures

A few new pictures of Resident Evil Afterlife:

Resident Evil Afterlife Trailer

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In The movie Resident Evil 4 Alice (Milla Jovovich) will have to fight not only against zombies, but also against the axe man (Ray Olubowale) and Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts). But don’t worry she won’t be alone: the Redfield siblings, Chris and Claire (Wentworth Miller and Ali Larter), will help her!

3 Responses - “Resident Evil Afterlife Pictures”

  1. vinu

    The axeman should chop all the heads like this

  2. Emmanuel

    I really can’t wait to watch this movie!

  3. takeru

    what is kmart doing there??? i thought she was dropped from the cast. well main cast at least… i guess she does have a role in the movie after all!!