Resident Evil Degeneration Movie

Resident Evil Degeneration Movie

A CGI animated movie based on the Resident Evil and directed by Makoto Kamiya is going to be released straight to DVD and Blu Ray in the USA on the 30th of December 2008. The movie is titled Resident Evil Degeneration (it is also known as Biohazard Degeneration in Japan). Unlike the previous Resident Evil film trilogy, Degeneration is set within the same universe as the original video games.

Have a look to some Resident Evil Degeneration clips:

Resident Evil Degeneration First 12 Minutes

Resident Evil Degeneration Red Band Clip

“In autumn 2005, an incident happens at the airport of Harvardville, a mid-western American city. Claire Redfield, now a member of a non-governmental organization that handles search and rescue operations regarding chemical and bioterrorist attacks, is sent to oversee the rescue operation. The plan goes awry when an infected victim attacks several others, causing the infection to spread quickly and starting widespread panic among the public in the airport. At the same time, a passenger plane makes an emergency landing, which fails and crashes into the lobby.

Meanwhile, an unknown terrorist holding the deadly T-virus demands the President of the United States to unveil the entire truth of what happened in the Raccoon City disaster and the direct involvement of Umbrella. Leon S. Kennedy, one of the survivors from Raccoon City and now a government agent, is sent to the airport to command the Special Response Team. Together with Claire and an ex-SWAT police officer, Angela Miller, they and the rest of the SRT have to repel the zombies, find any possible survivors in the airport, and track down the bio-terrorist responsible for the incident within a four-hour deadline or the T-virus will be spread to every major city on the planet.”

I’d love to see this manga based on the universe Resident Evill to spawn into a TV series. It looks like a much better animated adaptation than what has been done with Star Wars The Clone Wars!

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  1. Stuart

    I’ve been looking on the Google Trends site, new watchmen trailer is a hot subject at the moment!

  2. N3kR0

    This film is a let down. I was so hyped up about it and tbh it’s s*** i mean all it is, is graphical animated pictures so boring.

    This is a disappointment I honestly thought this Resident Evil would be the best but they don’t even pick up where they let off from the Resident Evil Apocalypse where the red haired women has loadz of clones of her.

    This one goes straight into her coming into an airport pfft talk about s***. To the people that made this film: go shoot yourselves for being disappointing.

  3. Teaser Trailer

    Well, here you shouldn’t blame the movie. Resident Evil Degeneration is in no way a continuation of the live-action Resident Evil movie series. It was said from the start that it would rather be an adaptation based on the universe of the video game.

    Had you checked here on you would have known this! ;-P

    But don’t worry I’m quite sure there will be a Resident Evil 4 movie soon, live action with Milla Jovovich as Alice.

  4. N3kR0

    OK, whatever I still think it’s S***

  5. Neil Eddy

    OK n3kr0.
    So you didn’t like the movie. Probably because you were expecting continuation from the Resident Evil trilogy but this has nothing to do with that. I mean all of the characters are different as well. the film is a good animation film based on the video game. Apart from a couple of scenes that make you cringe the rest of the movie is realy good (in my opinion anyway). Watched it today & got into it straight away & enjoyed it.
    Obviously there will be a sequel but i wonder if there will be a prequel concerning Racoon City think that would have been a good movie as well.

  6. agnet 47

    This Resident Evil Degeneration movie is very nice, so you should not tell that it s***. I wish there is part 2!