Riddick 4

Riddick 4 MovieRiddick 4
Genre: Action/Science-Fiction
Directed by: David Twohy
Starring: Vin Diesel
Release Date: TBA 2019

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  1. CarlosC

    Riddick fights the necromongers for revenge of being set-up to die. Against overwhelming odds, he finally has to flee in a stolen ship with the new transcended leader after him as well. He crash lands on an arid uncharted planet , and has the greatest and most harrowing fight ever to save himself. And just as it appears that he is about to loose…surprise help comes from another Furyan that survived the global genocide of their people. This other Furyan nurses him back to health, and helps him get off the planet before its desteoyed by the new marshall who has called the fleet to destroy the planet with them on it. They succeed in killing the marshall and most of the Necromonger commanders. In the last battle, the other Furyan sacrifices himself to let him get away. But….before dying…tells Riddick that there are many others who survived. Now its a chase to find them, for the Necromongers have put up the highest bounty ever. Any planet or individual that helps him, will have that race exterminated. Only the Furyans can stop the Necromongers once and for all. But he has to find them, convince th3m to seek vengeance, arm them, and destroy the vast Necromonger fleet. Only to find out afterwards that there is an even worse homocidal race than the Necromongers…and its coming frkm the Underverse…..stay tuned!

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