Ridley Scott Alien Prequel

Alien Movie PrequelLooks like Director Ridley Scott is determined to develop his movie prequel to Alien, he once again confirmed his plan:

Alien Prequel Trailer

“The film will be really tough, really nasty. It’s the dark side of the moon. We are talking about gods and engineers. Engineers of space. And were the aliens designed as a form of biological warfare? Or biology that would go in and clean up a planet?”

Director Ridley Scott

And from I heard he met with Actress Gemma Arterton for a starring role in the prequel to Alien.

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    This is one of the greatest monster flicks ever made… Please… please… please make this film before I leave the planet…there are no guarantees that I will be able to see the future films to be made, in my afterlife…and that would be hell!

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