Robert Downey Jr. Is Sherlock Holmes And Jude Law is Dr. Watson

Robert Downey Jr. And Jude Lawon the set of Sherlock Holmes in London

Director Guy Ritchie, the one who is getting divorced from Madonna, is working a new movie adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, the fmous novel series written a century ago by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sherlock Holmes Movie In 2009

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law have cast for the lead roles. But the roles have assigned with disregard of the actors’ physiognomies: Downey is Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law is Dr. Watson. Had they followed the usual representation of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson the roles would have been reversed. The slim Jude Law looks more like the mythic Sherlock Holmes.

But I’m sure Robert Downey Jr. will surprise us anyway!

4 Responses - “Robert Downey Jr. Is Sherlock Holmes And Jude Law is Dr. Watson”

  1. Nicole

    Actually, according to the books, they are both quite slim (and likely tall, given that Watson is a former rugby player and it is suggested in multiple stories that he has an imposing stature) at the time that this film is set. There’s only a vague suggestion in one of the stories that Watson later develops a middle-aged paunch, but he’s described as “thin as a lathe” when he leaves the army. He’s also consistently portrayed as a very attractive gentleman throughout the stories. I was thrilled with this choice.

  2. Nicole

    I also just realized you didn’t mean to suggest that Law was an inappropriate Watson, just the RDJ is an inappropriate Holmes. This I can understand more. My apologies!

  3. Matt

    RDJ surprised me with the pictures of him with his shirt off. His physical appearance definitely gives the impression of Holmes’ addiction. I, too, was thrilled to hear of Law as Watson. That was the one thing about the interpretations that always bothered me. Watson was The Man, but he was always shown as over-weight and kind of an idiot. Glad to see this will bring it back to the roots, and hopefully inspire some new readers to Doyle’s books!

  4. ej

    i just think that rdjr and JL would make a great pair in the set. Not to mention millions of women in this world dying to be Rachel McAdams. *dang!* from a personal view, Downey would just rock this movie, with the amount of action scenes just like Rdjr promised. I’m just really curious how he managed to catch up with the English accent. Looking forward to it!

    EJ, KL, Malaysia.