Robert Pattinson Is Gay Little Ashes Trailer

Robert Pattinson Is Gay in Little Ashes.

Little Ashes is upcoming movie starring Robert Pattinson as Dali. It dwells on the special relationship the surrealist Painter had with some of his close male friends.

Below the first Little Ashes trailer:

Little Ashes Movie


Salvador Dali (Robert Pattinson)

Frederico Garcia Lorca (Javier Beltran)

Luis Bunuel (Matthew McNulty)

No Rules, No Regrets, No Return

This movie was probably filmed before or in parallel to Twilight. I hope Robert Pattinson will never get cold feet because of his new twilitesque success and that he will still dare to nicely surprise with movies such as Little Ashes.

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  1. regina

    No! Robert don’t! You can not make this! You are not gay! No!

  2. Jorja

    Actually HE’S NOT GAY in the movie! He plays Dali, whose friend Lorca falls in love with him as they bond over their creative quests. There is deep affection, but Dali is not able to do more. He flees to Paris, breaking Lorca’s heart.

  3. Teaser Trailer

    Let me quote the scriptwriter of Little Ashes:

    “Having done a huge amount of research, it’s clear something happened, no question… When you look at the letters it’s clear something more was going on there….It began as a friendship, became more intimate and moved to a physical level but Dalí found it difficult and couldn’t carry on. He said they tried to have sex but it hurt, so they couldn’t consummate the relationship.”

    Philippa Goslett
    (Scriptwriter of Little Ashes)

    Dali did try something, he was probably a gay in denial. If he had some lube and then it didn’t hurt, I’m quite sure he would have enjoyed the closet…

  4. Cheyenne Slusser

    Robert Pattinson is not gay at all! Leave him alone and don’t write trash about him! He’s so amazing! I am In love with him…

  5. Lisa

    Who cares about Edward? Jacob is the hottie!

  6. Impressive Defender of the gay ppl...

    OK, we know he is not. So stop being childish and grow up for goodness’ sake… Does it matter if he was? (not really a question) it’s not like it affects any of you guys… being homosexual is considered ‘normal’ nowadays so big whoop if he was!…

  7. Rosalie

    Robert pattinson is NOT gay….. you are whoever says or thinks that!!!

  8. dominique

    jacob is so NOT a HOTTIE!!! Robert’s where’s it at and so what if Robert plays a gay guy??? he’s not really gay so stop being babies…..

  9. Juliana

    Dali is my favorite artist, and has been since I was about four.
    I’m also a Pattinson fan, and the thought of him taking on such a challenge is exciting.

    For those of you who are freaking out because of him “being gay.” You really just need to get over it. He’s an actor, it’s his job. Personally, I think it makes him that much cooler. Also, it’s fairly normal to be homosexual these days, and nobody has problems with other people coming out of the closet.
    So really, just shush.

  10. katie

    Robert Pattinson is gay. All the hot looking guys turn out to be gay. George Michael was super hot. Who knew he turned out to be gay. Just you watch. The same is going to happen with Robert Pattinson.

  11. jean

    who’s ass was that? is it robert patinson’s?

  12. fernanda

    Nooo, he not is gay please Robert nooo! Please nooo Robert Pattinson !

    sexy 4 ever you

  13. pshh

    Robert isn’t gay. His character is, or is converted to be, from what I’ve seen in the trailer. But, I have to admit that this crushed me a bit. This story looks like it’s going to be INCREDIBLE…and just a bit disturbing, judging by the moustaches. Haha. But no. I love Robert Pattinson, he’s one of the best, young actors I know.

  14. twilightfreak

    Rob is the best actor there is these days, and it really doesn’t matter if he’s playing a gay dude in the movie he’s very manly and it is his job so,yeah

  15. me

    OMG this movie is awful! Why in the world would he want to play a gay role?! I got nothing against people who are but oh come on not Robert too! I’ll die if he turns out to be gay! If he is he needs to come to me I’ll make him straight again! oh yes I will! lol

  16. stevielmc

    Well, none of you probably know him so you don’t know if he is gay or straight or bi. Second of all, actors… act. Plain and simple. People have distorted the entertainment to become a product, it’s no longer about the talent or the character one plays, it’s about who’s who.

  17. Kimberly Chambers

    From trailer I think this movie is worth seeing. I’m a newly found Robert Pattinson fan and already find his stuff INCREDIBLE! and furthermore couldn’t care less if he were gay or straight granted that him being straight is a very, very good bonus. But for me the body of work is what matters to me not who he’s doing. By the way his singing could also be another good road for him.

  18. biancababe

    I don’t think Robert Pattinson is gay… like everyone is saying it’s his job… it’s only 1 film…
    I think Rob is unbelievably HOT! There is still 3 or more Twilight films to be made.. so we ‘re gonna see alot more of him!! ;) i don’t think he’s gay though… but what do i know! :P

    I love Robert Pattinson…x

  19. Christopher

    Come on people – the man’s name is Robert Pattinson. He is an actor. He plays different roles, different movies. That is his craft. Just leave him to his craft and enjoy what results – whatever that may be. Pattinson is very, very good at what he does – and naturally – does not have to be packaged or contrived or fretted about by a zillion people who cannot grasp that this man is just a very good actor – period. Okay – he is amazingly beautiful too! But, just hold on to this … a young actor with much road to cover i if he can pull off something like Twilight at so young an age – imagine what is yet to come!

  20. meee

    He is so gorgeous and not gay. He was acting. Get over it. He’s an amazing actor.

  21. ana

    That’s the question: ‘jorja’ did he like it? Was he uncomfortable? Did he kiss the guy or feel each other? It’s just weird. Gay movies are weird. Some say passionate some say EWW, well?

  22. flor

    i love you!(L)

  23. ilove edward_cullen_

    ok i was so crushed when i saw the trailer but i figure he is only acting it’s what he does and hopefully he does not turn out the be gay in the years to come but if he does i guess it’s hia choice and none of our business but still i hope to god he is not

  24. Brenda

    Hey, my name is Brenda, and I am a huge fan of Robert Pattinson, and if he would be gay, thing that i don’t think, i will be in love with him too, besides it’s just a movie, a lot of actors have made of gays, and they are not gay at all, like Javier Bardem in BEFORE NIGHT FALLS, he plays a gay ans he’s not gay, also if Robert would be gay, he will keep being the good actor that he is now.
    Also it’s just a movie, it doesn’t mean that he is gay, ergo he will be a vampire, just because he plays it in a movie.
    I don’t know his sexual status, but if he is straight or gay, he is going to be beautiful and good actor as any of our generation.
    I’m just telling, because there are jerks that are saying things about him and they are not true.

    kisses brenda

  25. Thatsuky

    NO! Robert you cannot do that:you are not gay! please don’t do it !

  26. Steph

    Movie looks good (:
    People really need to shut up about this. He’s just playing a character. Doesn’t mean that he is really gay.

  27. stupids

    relax people. many people have played gay people. It makes him an even more amazing actor that he can play a person so different from him.

    no he is NOT gay. alright.

  28. KimmyC

    “Little Ashes” looks to be a very interesting film from the speculation of the close,close friendship between Dali and Lorca, to the secret affair upon their return from summer vacation, to the rumored very steamy scene between the two actors (Robert and Javier) potraying these two great artists,and also I think I read somewhere about possible nudity with Robert involved, now that prompted me even more with interest! I mean WHOA! But fun aside, I don’t care for the man preferances I love the Acting!!! that’s what gets me warped everytime I see him in a movie the interest to see what he’ll do next!!!! From Cedric to Daniel, Edward to Art or oh yeah even Salvador he makes all look so, so good!!! Lay off the man and enjoy the work!!!!

  29. gilberto

    robert pattinson I love you

  30. sarah

    oh! for God’s sake he isn’t gay: he’s acting gay because he’s an ACTOR! Heath Ledger to played a gay role but he wasn’t… A lot of people play gay so go get a grip!

  31. TeamEdwardLuver

    Um… I’ll just start with saying I love Robert Pattinson. And I know he is not gay… but I REALLY didn’t want to see that. Yeah, yea, its his job i know. But, just… ew.

  32. adam

    The first line explains it all… He doesn’t want to be known as the twilight guy. This is what’s going to pull him away from that world…

    I love twilight and I love Robert Pattinson. If he’s gay he’s gay… But it’s none of our business… and just because he’s taking on a challenging role like this does not mean that he’s gay.

    If he wants to come out to being gay then he will when he’s ready.
    And if he’s not gay then you can all catch a grip and calm down.

  33. CuteLester

    naaahh.. stop it people.. as if you’ve got a choice?.. it’s for the sake of his professionalism.. ^^,

  34. commenter

    you guys are pathetic! so what if he’s gay or not? you think you’re gonna end up at the altar with him? I don’t think so! so just let other people be and keep your peace! okay?!?
    … I mean, who among you thinks that either Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhaal is gay? they both played gay roles in Brokeback Mountain. How bout Sean Penn in Milk? or Dolphy in Pacifico Falayfay & Markova?!? (bet you guys don’t get a hint of what I’m talking about) anyways, they’re just roles and that doesn’t mean playing one’s role is the same in real life! Give the guy a break. He’s just starting to shine in Hollywood and if this is what he has to go through to get there, then let him be. Stop whining!
    …besides, Robert admits he took half a valium just to get through with the scene so that means he would never do such when he’s on his “right” mind.
    …now I’m whining. lol

  35. kulia from hawaii

    He’s not gay he’s straight and he’s gonna stay straight! I love you Robert Pattinson!

  36. KimLC

    The boy is the right kind of HOT! and I just don’t care! He’s a beautiful piece of ass and I thank God and his parents for making him!

  37. jorja

    PLEASE change the headline on this page from ‘ROBERT PATTINSON IS GAY’ to something else.

    Rob Pattinson is an actor. They play people often unlike themselves. Please all – grow up.

    1. He is NOT gay. He plays a famous man who became enamored with another man but did not become gay.

    2. He plays a Spanish man. He is NOT Spanish.

    3. He plays a painter. He is NOT a painter.

    4. He plays an overtly rebellious person who upsets everyone around him with blurted out comments often having nothing to do with reality. Ummm… well I guess that part’s right.

  38. amber

    Robert Pattinson is not gay .
    How come Will Smith can play in a gay film and he’s not gay but how come Robert can’t because he’s one of the hottest guys in the world big deal!
    People anybody can play a gay person in a movie so i think that’s enough talk sh** about him or any body else who’s not gay and who might or will play a gay part in a movie WHO CARES!…

    Gees! Peaople that’s enough!

  39. Brooklynn

    Well..I just threw up all over the keyboard… I just lost my dinner. Not really but.
    Gay is gross… but he is just acting…

    If I knew I was getting paid so much, I’d probably act gay too! It’s his job… plus… Robert Pattinson doesn’t even look like the gay type…

    Don’t worry okay!

  40. Lindsey Noelle

    I hate when people refer to him as Edward, and I’m sure it gets on his nerves too. How you would like being referred to all the time by the wrong name, and were expected to act like the FICTIONAL character all the time? Robert Pattinson, is not homosexual. Robert Pattinson played in a movie, where his fellow actor played a homosexual. Dali (Robert Pattinson) was not gay in the movie.
    His Best Friend Lorca in the movie fell in love with him and he fleed to paris.
    So all this talk about Robert Pattinson being gay needs to come to a stop.
    seriously, the poor guy.

  41. TsresT

    no matter if he is gay or not… i’m sure he played awesome… and I’m eagerly waiting to watch the movie.. especially those scenes (Robert Pattinson’s nude scenes) LOL

  42. Fluorescent Lady

    This was so funny. No offense, but some of you are really… d’ooh:|
    I mean, come on, people! Get real! Edward Cullen [the vampire in twilight] or Cedric (that handsome Hogwart’s student] or Salvador Dali, they are just characters, some pieces in the “making the movie” puzzle.
    Robert is just an actor. Ok,so he’s handsome too. So what? There are some girls who made an obsession out of this guy. Get a life!
    He’s not the perfect boy, and most important he’s just human. Let the poor Robert do his job (i mean acting, no matter if he plays a gay or a clown ).

  43. LAILA

    No Rob! This just ruined his image!

  44. Laney

    My goodness… look at all the little teeny Rob fans going nuts over one statement.

    Oh, all you sad little people are going to freak when you see the FULL scene of him and another guy getting it on. Because from what I’ve heard its a full on sex scene of him and the other guy.
    Which will be so damn HOT I’m not kidding.

    I think I’d like Robert Pattinson MORE if he was gay…. As it is, I really don’t think he’s the best young actor there is out there, and I HATE that they chose him for Edward, they could have done ever so much better!

  45. kayla

    Robert Pattison is not gay he is the most hottest guys I ever seen in my life. Robert marry me please! You are so awesome, so please stay straight… PLEASE! For me and for all the girls that like you, but mostly for me. Like in the book, when Bella says I LOVE YOU with a lot of emotion. That is how I’m feeling.

    And to the people that think Robert Pattison is gay: You are Wrong! He is the most sexiest guy in the World!

    To Robert Pattinson: stay straight please!

  46. Panic

    Yeah! Great movie. I´m looking very forward to it – its going to be great. The movie is just something new and im lovin´ stuff like that. I don´t even understand why you´re making such a drama out of this. Its just a role he acts. Nothin more, nothing less. And if you want to see him with a ´perfect image´ – without fuckin other guys, just ignore this one movie and look twilight & moonlight & so on ;). I think it is good, that he´s trying out something new. And if he´ll fall in love with another guy, its okay too. Its cute. And: It´s his live not yours -.- / Germany :D

  47. Panic

    @Kayla: he can be gay & sexy oO. Just because you´re lovin other guys you aren´t automaticly ugly or fat.

  48. CookieCoo

    I don’t see the big deal, even though the news sort of creeped me out. I’m a chick, but gay sex scenes make me scurry. Though Rob’s talent is wonderful. I can’t blame him for wanting to pursue a great opportunity, and if I were an actress starting out, I would too. Look a Jake Gylenhall, who played in Brokeback mountain- straight, like Heath Ledger, his co star. And look on the bright side. If they make a Breaking Dawn, he’ll know how to get it on with Bells (K Stew)! :)

  49. R-ai

    I love the Dali mustache! cracked me up. haha, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a great admirer of his art. The movie looks great, Pattinson’s role seems to be both challenging and exciting. Though I’m a bit disappointed with the casting of Helena Diakonova, Dali’s wife. He used her as his model for several paintings….not quite what I’d expect for the producers to get