Robert Pattinson Little Ashes

Little Ashes - Dali MovieWe’ve got new preview clips of Little Ashes, upcoming biopic movie starring Robert Pattinson as Dali the Spanish painter:

Pleased to make your acquaintance

Nice to see Robert Pattinson in such a role: he may play the role of Edward the manly vampire in Twilight but he isn’t afraid to pass for queer as Dali in Little Ashes (can’t say he is a protean actor for doing this though: Robert Pattinson looks indeed quite natural in this role… not saying that he’s gay, but…)

Watch more clips of Littles Ashes:

Just say what you want to say.

On death

I, we, have to smash that to pieces!

If anyone is going to remember me then I need to go further in everything! In Art, in life!

Dali painting

The movie Little Ashes will have a limited release on May 8, 2009.

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