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Rocky 7 MovieThe boxer Rocky Balboa came out of retirement in Rocky 6, and it seems he doesn’t want go back to his peaceful life as restaurant owner. Sylvester Stallone told indeed that he would like to make Rocky 7! Legends never die, but time is catching up with Sylvester Stallone… I know he is still fit, but I’m not sure that over-extending the Rocky franchise is for the best…

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Anyway, here’s what Sylvester Stallone said about the movie Rocky 7:

“I know I’ll probably make a fool of myself if I make another Rocky film after turning 60. Even my wife says, ‘Don’t do it. You’re embarrassing the kids’. But I told her, ‘If I don’t try I’ll be a really unhappy man’.
You have to do it. Artists like me have to go through the dark over and over again.
When I was 21 years old and at drama school, my teacher said to me, ‘If you ever put your head out there, thousands of people will try to cut it off, but that’s exactly what you need to do as an artist.'”

Sylvester Stallone

Will Rocky Balboa go sci-fi and use some rejuvenation process based on stem cells so he could compete again? Or is he just going to train a young heir?

I’m not much interested in watching Rocky 7, but I must admit I’m curious how it’s gonna turn out!

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  1. chance

    well he should make another rocky balboa it would be cool to watch another rocky but the thing is what is it gonna be about? i was thinking that maybe is son becomes a boxer. or i was thinking rocky dies in this one

  2. Hend Logan

    I’m a big fan of Rocky movies…
    maybe his movies is not the best acting or best plot but Rocky has his style and passion..
    in Rocky VII, In my opinion It’s had better if rocky become a boxing trainer who train a kid who remind him about his life in the past. A kid who has passion like young rocky and has natural talented in boxing.
    I cant hardly wait to see Rocky VII… :)

  3. kyle Allport

    I really hope that he will make a knew rocky, i love all the rocky’s and i watch them all the time rocky 1 to 6 there all amazing and it would be even more amazing if they made a rocky 7, should have rocky have one last fight and rocky meet a well talented young boxer who dosent know hes any good untill he beggs for traing off rocky but rocky no to sure because of what happend in rocky 5 with tommy gun, but something good happens and rocky decides to train and manage him and rocky get told some bad news by the doctors and he dosent have long to live and he dies before the young traines tittle match and the last words out of rocky mouth was summething like “beat that motherf**** ass* :) anyway young boxer wins the match and become’s the best of the best and he find’s everything of rocky’s belonging and take’s it and starts a little museum of rockys life to tell the story of his life, i think it would be better if the young boxer he trains is a woman, i think that would be perfect bond, rocky and a young boxing woman, and she has love for rocky but in a father way as she didnt have a father and rocky was the closest thing to a dad :) hope he make’s a rocky 7 though

  4. Nathan Maher

    Awesome ! If you don’t like Rocky I don’t like you. That’s all I have to say about that !

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