Rush Hour 4 Movie

Rush Hour 4 MovieProducer Arthur Sarkissian gave an update about Rush hour 4 to Crave Online:

Rush Hour 4 Movie Trailer

“I’m trying to do it closer to how I did Rush Hour 1. More down to earth. More gritty. Introduce two new characters and make it real the way the first one was. I personally was not happy with the third one. I thought 1 and 2 were very good. I think 3 got out of hand a little bit. It’s not a matter of just bringing them back to do another segment of that or a sequel to it by putting them in another city and having them bicker. I don’t want that. I want something new
Fast and Furious 5 kept the characters. They took them and they put them in a whole different world. They put them in the world of a heist movie and it worked… Maybe Chris is now married. Maybe Jackie is married to Octavia Spencer. I don’t know. Married to Chris’ cousin. They live in Shanghai. Chris goes out to visit them… I want something energetic!”

Producer Arthur Sarkissian

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker expressed interest in reprising their roles so there’s a real hope for the film to get developed soon.

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  1. taylor

    are you kidding me i though jackie chan was done with those types of films why on earth will he go back to do rush hour 4 which it wont happen

    • jonny

      How do you know there won’t be another rushhour4,your not the Director.The director could make it happen because he’s reliable and an awesome one to.

  2. taylor

    because i just find out that he wont do rush hour 4

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